Car looter linked to $1,100 robbery

Car looters caught

A 16-year-old was one of two thieves spotted breaking into cars in Midwood on Sept. 1.

Police said the teens were seen “trying door handles” — checking which doors were unlocked — on several cars near the corner of E. 12th Street and Avenue O just before 7:30 am.

The 16-year-old found an unlocked car and was removing cable wires when cops caught up with him. He was taken into custody on petit larceny charges.

The teen was connected to an Aug. 20 robbery at the corner of Avenue M and E. 16th Street, where he allegedly punched a man, breaking his glasses in the process, and robbed him of $1,100.

Counterfeit con

A 25-year-old tried to pay with $200 of fake money in several Avenue U stores on Sept. 2.

Police said the counterfeiter entered a store between E. 26th and E. 27th streets at 8:40 pm and tried to buy something with a fake $100 bill, but an employee noticed it was a fake and told him to move on.

Move on he did — and tried his scheme on other store owners, before walking right into the hands of police.

When cops caught up with him, he still had the fake $100 bills in his hands.

Scooter swipe

A teenage thief mugged a 13-year-old of his Razor scooter on Sept. 1 as the pre-teen rolled past the corner of Avenue R and Coney Island Avenue.

The victim said he was zipping into the intersection just before 1 pm when the suspect shoved him off the scooter and rolled away with it.

Bag swipe

A sticky-fingered thief made off with a woman’s handbag on Sept. 4 as the woman waited for a bus at the corner of Nostrand Avenue and Avenue U.

She was waiting at the bus stop at 9:25 pm, her bag at her feet, when the thief grabbed it and skedaddled, cops were told.

Seeing red

A thief sporting a white hoodie and blue jeans is being sought for breaking into an Avenue U salon after it closed for the night on Sept. 3.

Workers at Red Hair Beauty Salon, which is between E. 14th and E. 15th streets, said the thief broke the locks to the security gate sometime after the workers closed it at 8 pm. The thief took $800 from the cash register.

Dastardly dare

A 20-year-old had sex with a 14-year-old girl at a Utica Avenue party during a terribly salacious twist on the “Truth or Dare” game, police learned this week.

The girl said she was victimized when she partied with a group of friends at a home between Avenues N and O on July 17 at 1 pm.

During the game, she was dared to have sex with the older man. She freely admitted that she agreed to the dare, although now she’s crying statutory rape and filing charges against the 20-year-old.

Who shot the DJ?

A gunman opened fire on a DJ on Sept. 5 as the music mixer loaded his equipment into his car, which was parked on E. 45th Street, after a gig.

The victim had just finished his gig, which was between Avenues L and M, at around 6 am when the trigger-happy pistoleer approached and hit him once in the chest before running off.

The 31-year-old was rushed to a local hospital, where he was listed in stable condition.

Throttled for cash

Two thugs grabbed a 57-year-old man by his neck on Sept. 1 during a furious exchange at the corner of Avenue N and E. 69th Street.

The victim told police he was nearing the corner at 8 pm when the two suspects attacked, choked him and took his cellphone.

Three on one

A trio of terrors jumped another man on Ralph Avenue on Sept. 2, but fled empty handed.

The victim said the suspects pulled a gun on him and tried to rob him at 5:18 am while he was between Flatlands Avenue and Avenue J.

But the thieves got cold feet and ran off without taking anything from the man.

Robbed of cellphone

Two thugs pulled a gun on a 23-year-old on Avenue K during a Sept. 2 holdup.

As the man neared E. 55th Street the two flashed their weapons and demanded the victim’s cellphone.

They drove off in a dark-colored sedan driven by a third crook, cops said.

Gate cutter solution

A thief broke into a Flatbush Avenue store on Aug. 28 after cutting his way through the store’s security gate.

Workers at My Solution said the gate was intact when they left for the night. But when they arrived at the store the next morning, the gate’s lock had been cut and $2,000 and the store’s safe were gone.

Best Buy burgle

Thieves broke into the soon-to-be-opened Best Buy inside the Kings Plaza Mall on Aug. 27, but the only things taken were some tools.

Thieves entered the electronics store after snapping the lock to the front door. The tools were the only thing missing once the break-in was discovered, police said.

Robbed of bike

A crew of free-wheeling thieves made off with a 21-year-old’s two wheeler on Aug. 27.

The thugs stopped the victim at 1 am at the corner of E. 36th Street and Avenue P and shoved him off his bike, then rode away with his wheels.

Rooftop renegades

Thieves cut a hole through the roof of a Fine Fare supermarket on Utica Avenue on Aug. 27, but apparently didn’t have enough time to get inside.

Workers showed up at the market, which is between Avenues K and L, in the morning and found the hole, but nothing appeared to be stolen.

The attempted break-in took place sometime after 6 pm, officials said.

Synagogue steal

A thief broke into an E. 7th Street synagogue on Aug. 23, taking $9,000, an assortment of gold and silver coins, and a briefcase to put it all in.

A 70-year-old who lives above the house of worship, which is between Kings Highway and Avenue R, told police about the robbery, which happened around 2:10 am.

The senior told cops he woke when he heard someone force a side window.

The quick-moving thief got inside, raided a first-floor office and exited before the senior realized the place had been broken into, cops were told.

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