Car wash cleans up its dirty act in Marine Park

A Flatbush Avenue car wash says it is putting the brakes on its illegal practice of covering local cars with fliers.

The manager of Plaza Car Wash between Avenues S and T says he’s ready to obey the law — after weeks of leaving promotional business cards on car windows in Marine Park.

“We have someone who is supposed to put them on homes, but if he is putting them on cars then I have to talk to him,” said the manager, who didn’t reveal his name.

In the days since the manager spoke to his worker, neighbors have indeed seen fewer of the advertisments on their autos. If the practice has stopped, there’s a good reason: Marine Parkway resident Tom Ingrim, who took matters into his own hands after seeing Plaza Car Wash litter all over the place.

“There’s a guy that came around on Sundays — I’ve chased him off my block many times,” said Ingrim. “The guy runs.

“They were putting fliers everywhere,” he added. “People take them off their cars and throw them in the street so we have more trash on the ground.”

Cops said they will warn the car wash to clean up its act permanently — or else.

“I’ll stop by there,” said Lt. Robert Haley of the 63rd Precinct. “He can get a $1,000 ticket for that.”

Cops do not encourage residents to chase flier distributors.

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