Care Bears on Fire are ready for prime time (even on a school night!)

Care Bears on Fire are ready for prime time (even on a school night!)
Three ‘Bears’: Teen rockers, Care Bears on Fire, are now an all-girl group featuring (clockwise) bassist Jena, 14, guitarist Sophie, 13, and drummer Izzy (with tamborine), 13. Despite their ages, the band will play The Bell House on Jan. 24 — at 9 pm.

Finally, the Care Bears on Fire are not just for kids anymore.

The Park Slope–based trio — newly reconfigured as an all-girl band — is about to play its highest-profile gig ever: a Saturday night, all-ages, leave-the-stuffed-animals-at-home show at the Bell House.

But first, a little unfinished business.

Guitarist Lucio (no last names, please — they’re all barely teenagers!) left the band last year and has been replaced by Jena, a Manhattanite who, at 14, is the oldest Bear ever. She’ll play bass.

What happened to Lucio?

“We had creative differences and he went in a different direction,” said Izzy, 13, in an exclusive sit-down with GO Brooklyn over lattes and muffins at the Cocoa Bar in Park Slope.

Wait a second; did a 13-year-old just use the term “creative differences”? Yes, she did.

“He wanted to do other things,” added Sophie, who has taken over guitarist duties.

You know what? Take it from this CBOF fan, he never fit in anyway. I mean, how can the Izzy and Sophie be expected to sing “Five Minute Boyfriend” or their new instant classic, “Boy Song #1,” with a real live boy around?

“Now that we’re an all-girl group, we can feel freer,” said Izzy. “Like on ‘Boy Song #1.’ It’s about how boys are just as insecure as girls.”

With the loss of Lucio came a few major gains: the remaining Care Bears are better musicians than they were just one year ago, when they played to packed (though typically afternoon) houses at the BAM Cafe and other family-friendly venues. And they’ve even better than when they played before 7,000 people in England.

“We changed and grown up so much,” said Izzy.

Did a 13-year-old just get wistful about growing old? “Well, when you’re 13 and you’re talking about stuff that happened two years ago, it’s actually a long time ago,” she added.

Now the band is on S-Curve Records (yes, they got a record deal and you didn’t), which will put out the trio’s still-untitled new album this summer with a ramped-up, smoothed-out, still–kick-ass version of “Everybody Else.”

That tune was also on the band’s 2007 debut LP, “I Stole Your Animal,” which included the creepy, but seminal, “Met You on Myspace.” It was also in a Converse ad (go ahead, call them sellouts!).

Will success ruin the Care Bears on Fire? Izzy and Sophie are only 13, but, believe it or not, they’re thinking about it.

“We need to stay raw and authentic and not compromise who we are,” said Izzy.

Not compromise? But isn’t that what being an adult is all ab—? Oh, never mind. They’ve got plenty of time to learn.

“We won’t change, we won’t go Disney,” added Sophie. “We’re girls who rock. We want to show girls that girls can be cool.”

Wow, rebels at age 13. With muffins and lattes.

Care Bears on Fire at the Bell House [149 Seventh St., between Second and Third avenues in Gowanus, (718) 643-6510], Jan. 24, 9 pm. Tickets are $10.

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