Carroll Gardens woman: I was South Slope fiend’s first victim

Carroll Gardens woman: I was South Slope fiend’s first victim
Community Newspaper Group / Andy Campbell

A Carroll Gardens woman claims that she was the South Slope Sex Fiend’s first victim — but cops fumbled her case, allowing the creep to terrorize other neighborhoods more than a year later.

The 31-year-old victim told The Brooklyn Paper that she realized that she was an early victim after seeing a shocking video of the fiend’s first believed attempted rape in March. But when she called detectives, they brushed her aside.

“If they would have paid attention, maybe this wouldn’t have happened to other women,” she said. “I got brutally attacked and no one cared — and a year later, it’s still going on.”

Residents from Park Slope to Sunset Park have been on edge for months following a spree sex attacks this year — for which there are now six police sketches, several suspects and only one arrest.

And on Friday, the NYPD announced that cops had added six recent subway molestations to the unsolved pattern — putting the number of gropings and attempted rapes at 20.

In many of the attacks, the assailants are described as short, Hispanic and their 20s — and they tend to grab women from behind and flee when they scream.

Detectives say that the Carroll Gardens assault is unrelated, but the victim disagrees.

She said her incident matches a similar rape attempt on 16th Street on March 20 — where a man with his pants hanging down put a woman in a choke hold and tried to rip off her jeans.

In the earlier incident, in May, 2010, the victim said that she was on Second Place with her dog at 3 am when a thug followed her to her stoop, punched her and slammed her head against the pavement.

The sicko — described as a 5-foot-6 Hispanic man in his 20s — tried to pull down her underwear, but she resisted by scratching his arms and screaming as loud as she could.

“He was really scattered and disorganized in the way he was doing it,” she said. “Exactly the same man in the video. I’m telling you, this is connected.”

The victim said that cops initially downplayed her attack and that she had fight just to get a “Wanted” poster put up in her neighborhood. Eventually, the Special Victims Unit took on her case.

Police admitted that they talked to the woman this week but they haven’t brought her in for any lineups.

“There’s no evidence that her case is linked,” a source said. “The only thing in common is that the perpetrator is a Hispanic male. But it’s a big geographic distance from where she was assaulted in Carroll Gardens.”