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Cellphone saves woman’s life in brutal attack

90th Precinct


Life saver

A woman narrowly avoided death when the cellphone in her chest pocket stopped a knife during an attack on Manhattan Avenue on March 8.

The victim told police she was in the hallway of an apartment building between Moore and Varet streets at 9:05 am when an acquaintance asked her if they could talk. He then stabbed her in the chest, but the blade stopped when it hit her cellphone.

The perp also cut the victim’s arm and punched her in the face, causing her face to swell. Police are searching for a 32-year-old suspect.

Ruthless, toothless

A pair of robbers assaulted a woman and stole her purse on Siegel Street on Dec. 30.

The 39-year-old victim told police she was walking near Humboldt street at 6:30 pm when two men pushed her to the ground, knocking her dentures out of her mouth. The men got away with her purse, which contained her mailbox key and $135.

She did not report the crime until early March.


Police arrested a 19-year-old man who they say beat a woman over the head with a bottle during a party at a private social club on Cook Street on March 10.

The 19-year-old woman told police that a man hit her over the head with a Corona bottle while they were at the club between Graham Avenue and Broadway at 4:10 am. The woman suffered bruising to the head, police said.

A Homerian event

A burglar smashed the passenger-side window of a Honda Odyssey parked on Moore Street on March 10 and stole thousands of dollars worth of electronics and jewelry.

The victim told police he left his vehicle at White Street. When he returned at 1 pm, he found the window broken and his digital camera, lens, two watches, rings, necklace, earrings, and backpack all missing.

A long game

Someone stole a woman’s purse when the victim left her bag on a table at a bar to go play darts on March 10.

The victim told police that she left her purse on a table at the Roebling Street watering hole between S. Second and S. Third streets at 3 am to play the popular bar game. When she came back an hour later, her purse, wallet, trenchcoat, jacket, two cashmere scarves, eyeglasses, red hat, driver’s license, and credit cards were all gone.

Bad party guests

A man invited a group of friends over to a woman’s S. Fifth Street apartment on March 7 — who in turn broke the woman’s glassware and stole her property, police said.

The 29-year-old woman told police that she invited a friend to her abode between Keap and Hooper streets at 8 am, and he invited a bunch of his friends. They all sat around and drank in her living room.

After everyone left, she walked in the kitchen and stepped on the broken glass, causing a severe cut requiring a trip to the hospital for 30 stitches. When she came back to her apartment she found her MacBook and iPhone missing. So far, police have made no arrests in the case.

Park robbery

A pair of unruly teenagers stole a phone from a 13-year-old boy who was playing in a Leonard Street park on March 6.

The boy told police he was playing basketball in the park near Boerum Street at 4:20 pm when an older teenager asked him what time it was. When the victim pulled out his phone, the older boy snatched it from him and threw it to another guy.

The victim tried to grab his phone back, but the second perp punched him in the face.

The power of persuasion

A brute demanded a teenager’s cash and threatened to beat to him up on Flushing Avenue on March 5.

The victim told police he was standing in front of his building between Bushwick Avenue and Humboldt Street at 2:40 pm when a when a man asked him for a dollar. When the teenager said he didn’t have any cash, the robber got angry.

“I know you have money and I know you where you live. If you don’t give it to me I’m going to beat you up and cut you,” said the bully.

The frightened kid then handed over $8 and the robber ran off.

Police later apprehended a suspect on robbery charges.

— Danielle Furfaro

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