Charity groups partner for Brooklyn shoe drive

Charity groups partner for Brooklyn shoe drive
Photo by Andrea Reese

A non-profit dedicated to enriching the lives of emotionally and developmentally disabled children and adults will be collecting gently worn and new shoes at locations throughout the borough until Oct. 31.

The League Education and Treatment Center will trade the shoes its collected with Funds2Orgs, which will distribute the footwear to small businesses in developing countries, according to do-gooder.

“We are excited to launch our first-ever shoe drive in partnership with Funds2Orgs,” said Courtney Benenson, Chair of the LETC Board of Directors.

In exchange for the shoes, Funds2Org will provide the League with funding to build a new playground for special needs students attending the League School in East Flatbush.

The proceeds from the sales of the shoes after Funds2Orgs sells them are then used to help the families of the small business. Whether it be feeding, clothing, or helping housing them Funds2Org is working to help build up these entrepreneurs.

One Haitian business owner even earned enough to send her son to law school thanks to the Funds2Orgs initiative.

“We know that most people have extra shoes in their closets that could use a new home, and we hope they will donate to us. In so doing, we help them to clean out their closets,” said Benenson. “While they help us to raise money to build a playground, and we share in a great opportunity to help entrepreneurs and families in developing nations who need economic opportunities. It’s a win-win-win for everyone involved.”

Locals can donate shoes at various locations throughout the borough, including:

• League Center – lobby – 483 Clermont Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11238

• League School – lobby – 567 Kingston Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11203

• Vice Media – lobby/reception – 49 South 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

• Vice Media/lobby/reception – 55 Washington St., 9th Floor, Brooklyn, NY

• Dandy Wine and Spirits – 37 South St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

• Dandelion Wine – 153 Franklin St., Brooklyn, NY 11222

• Rough Trade, NYC – 64th North 9th St., Brooklyn, NY 11249

• Animal Kind Veterinary Hospital – 365 7th Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11215

• Brooklyn Roasting Company – 25 Jay St., Brooklyn, NY

• Greenpoint YMCA – 99 Meserole Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11222

• Broadway Stages – 203 Meserole Ave. , Brooklyn, NY 11222

• LAND Gallery and Studio – 67 Front St., Brooklyn, NY 11201

• Terra CRG – 634 Dean St., Brooklyn, NY 11238