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Cheapskate skips out on taxi fare and steals cab

94th Precinct


No fare

A lousy customer stole a cab on McGuinness Boulevard on July 24 after the driver demanded that the guy pay his hefty bill, cops reported.

The 32-year-old victim said he picked up the man at the corner of Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue at 11:55 pm and drove the man to Queens, then to Broadway and Myrtle Avenue in Bushwick. Three-quarters of the way through the ride, the cabbie stopped the car at the corner of McGuinness Boulevard and Meeker Avenue and demanded that the fare pay the $85 that he already owed, officers said.

When the passenger refused, the hack got out of the car to call police and the goon climbed into the driver’s seat and drove off, a report states.

The thief also stole about $200 that the cabbie had left in his wallet inside the vehicle, cops reported.

Officers recovered the car on Powers Street, they said.

Easy pickins

An opportunist stole a man’s car when he left it parked on Richardson Street on July 25 with a rear hatch open, the front driver’s-side door open, and the keys in the ignition, police said.

The victim reported that left the vehicle between Debevoise and Kingsland avenues from 7:40 am to 8:15 am as he was loading it. The last time he came out of the building, he saw a lowlife driving the car around the corner, officers said.

Keep it clean

A prowler broke into a Greenpoint Avenue industrial building and stole $9,100 worth of Victorian-style, Chinese-made faucets on July 22, according to a police report.

The owner of the business said she went to the warehouse between McGuinness Bouvelard and Provost Street at 10:30 am and found several faucets missing.

Getting blunted

A bully beaned a guy in the head after they got into an argument on the corner of Commerical Street on July 21, the authorities said.

The 57-year-old victim said he was going back and forth with the testy fellow near Franklin Street at 7:50 pm.

Mid-discussion, the brute picked up a blunt object and bashed the victim in the head, leaving a deep cut, according to the NYPD. The fiend then fled, cops said.

Gang take

A group of five punks surrounded a man on Havermeyer Street on July 23 and snatched his cellphone, according to law enforcement officials.

The victim said he was at the corner of N. Seventh Street at 4:18 am when the quarrelsome quintet surrounded him. One of the cretins rifled through the victim’s pockets and stole the mobile device, then the goon squad melted away, police said.

— Danielle Furfaro

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