Check the facts! Rep. Turner a ‘show’ in the community!

To the editor,

You state that Rep. Turner “has been a no-show at community meetings and was about to open an office in Brooklyn (“Rep. Bob Turner Runs for Senate to Save Career,” online, March 14).

Your claim that he is a “no-show” at community meetings is simply untrue.

As most should know, unlike other local elected officials, members of Congress split time between their respective district and Washington.

Therefore, they often fight scheduling conflicts, such as votes and official business in Washington, when the House is in session to attend community meetings and events within the district.

Even with the dual schedule and split time, Rep. Turner has attended numerous Brooklyn meetings and events, including Community Board 12, Community Board 18, Marine Park Civic Association, the Kings Bay YM-YWHA Chanukah extravaganza, a Brooklyn veterans small business forum, a Jewish Community Council legislative breakfast in Marine Park, and the Manhattan Beach Jewish Center’s annual synagogue dinner.

In addition, Rep. Turner hosted a small business round-table discussion with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and small business owners at Brooklyn’s Brennan and Carr’s. He has also met with the executive board of the Manhattan Beach Community Group, and the president of Kingsborough Community College.

All of this has been publicized in the local press or on the congressman’s website.

I understand as well that Rep. Turner indeed is still opening a Brooklyn office at 1733 Sheepshead Bay Rd.

I think it is dangerous and unfair that you let the facts get in the way of his story. The accurate and factual record should note that Rep. Turner’s Brooklyn office will still open, and the congressman has not been a “no-show” at Brooklyn meetings and events.

I hope this clarifies your story.

Russell Gallo

The writer is president of the Brooklyn Young Republicans.

Boardwalk blues

To the editor,

It’s official, the Coney Island Boardwalk will get a concrete makeover (“City chops Boardwalk planks,” March 15).

Todd Dobrin, the head of Friends of the Boardwalk, said in the article, “It’s a done deal even though we don’t want concrete.”

It’s also a dumb deal.

It will cause more problems and injuries for pedestrians and joggers — and the elderly whose bones are more brittle and prone to broken hips and other fractures — causing Medicare an Medicaid costs to skyrocket even further.

Elliott Abosh

Brighton Beach

Verizon recall

To the editor,

Joanna DelBuono, call Verizon and tell them of they do not honor your insurance you will call the Public Service Commission at (800) 342-3355 (“Verizon’s being deducted from my good list,” Not for Nuthin’, Feb. 16).

It worked for me.

I bought a cellphone from T-Mobile. They told me I would receive a $50 rebate “check” within a month. I received, instead, a $50 credit card. I did not want a $50 credit card.

They said it was a “policy” change.

I told them if I did not receive a $50 check within one week I would call the Public Service Commission. Lo and behold, the check arrived in six days.

You must warn Verizon before you call the commission.

Good luck.

Ugo Rosiello

Mill Island

City snails

To the editor,

The Marine Park Community Center in Brooklyn has been under construction for almost five years now. The cost started at approximately $9 million and is now upwards of $15 million.

More than 80 years ago, the Empire State Building was completed from start to finish in just a little over a year — yes one year!

This two-story building is still under construction after four years! There is no excuse for this other than the city is in charge of construction.

There are people — seniors and others — who want and need this building completed.

The city needs to stop dragging its feet and get it done.

If they can’t do it, call Donald Trump. I guarantee he will, and fast!

Peter Orsi

Marine Park


To the editor,

Who’s reviewing the reviewers? Can it be possible?

A principal who brought a proficient Gravesend school to a dysfunctional “unsatisfactory” grade is a monitor for the state and rating schools? This woman must know somebody in a position to overlook her failure, and give her the authority to rate others. This is a woman who apparently hired a mentor for three years, and still failed. By the way, teachers don’t get mentors for three weeks.

Perhaps it is because our mayor is not up for re-election that he does not care anymore about the city’s children. Then again, let us not forget the Cathie Black fiasco.

Wake up Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott! Wake up council members! Wake up and help our system.

Give back to our children the nurturing, caring, educationally sound environment they once had, and surely deserve.

Toni Merlino


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