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Christian mercy v. Muslim spite

The more westerners learn about Islamo-screwballs, the more they downplay their horrors. An overload of news streams on television and websites has warped our understanding of morality and numbed us to the nature of the beast. We simply cannot fathom the depths of its evil from our cocoons. Yet an open and honest public conversation is needed about the pair of elephants in the room — Judeo-Christian mercy and radical Muslim inhumanity — if we hope to win the war on terror.

Consider examples of both in the past week: choked-up District Court Judge Raymond Dearie was moved to leniency when Staten Island deli supplier Saquib Khan, a Pakistani Muslim, confessed to writing $4.7 million in bad checks to cover his debts because Hurricane Sandy destroyed his business. Dearie sentenced Khan to four years of probation instead of six years in prison, commenting, “When appropriate, you need to show mercy.”

The same week, nearly 8,000 miles away in Khan’s ancestral land — where Uncle Sam has poured more than $20 billion in foreign aid since 9-11 — religious leaders ordered a Pakistani-Muslim mob to burn alive a Pakistani-Christian couple with four small children and a fifth on the way on charges of desecrating the Koran, although the domestic human rights commission found no evidence of blasphemy. The assailants, commanded from mosque loudspeakers, were not members of al Qaeda or the Islamic State, but run-of-the-mill believers chided on by their local mullah.

The final moments of Shyman Bibi Urf Shamar and her husband, Sajjad Nasir Zurjah must have been excruciating: Thuggy Muslims broke down their door and began beating them. Then they broke the couple’s legs to stop them from fleeing. Then they tossed them into a kiln in the brick factory where they worked, leaving their kids orphaned. Can’t you just see the sadists patting themselves on the back for a job well done?

There is no contest between Judeo-Christian charity and Muslim cruelty. The defining ideologies, which public opinion and a yellow-bellied media choose to stifle for fear of praising Jews and Christians above Muslims, need to be shouted from the rooftops — from loudspeakers.

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