City offers a timeless question in Sheepshead Bay

City offers a timeless question in Sheepshead Bay
Community Newspaper Group / Alex Rush

“No Parking Anytime” makes enough sense — but “No Parking Other Times”?

Drivers around Emmons and Ocean avenues were baffled to see just such a sign hanging on a lightpole.

“Other times”? What “other times”?

Faced with such existential questions, many proceeded to park anyway.

“I actually never noticed that sign, but I park here all the time,” said Elena Randazzo, whose family owns Randazzo’s Clam House across the street. “That one is pretty strange though.”

A spokesman for the Department of Transportation could not explain the mystifying message, but pledged to “inspect the area and update the signage if necessary to clarify if and when parking is permitted.”

It appeared clarification was indeed needed, as there were no signs nearby indicating what the “other times” might be.

“I have no idea what that sign means,” said Alex, who worked at the New York Steak House nearby, but did not want to give his name for fear of repercussions from NYPD traffic cops.

He added that he’s never seen anyone get a ticket under the odd sign.

The strange parking warning was first noted the blog Sheepshead Bites.