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Clean slate: Comedians at temple are next to godliness

Snark in the Park: Comedian Michelle Cohen will host the stand-up comedy night “Ditmas Snark 2” on March 10 at a Ditmas Park temple.

This is fudging funny!

A group of squeaky-clean comedians will descend on a Ditmas Park temple on March 10, bringing wholesome routines that even your mother would love. Most of the 11 performers at “Ditmas Snark 2” bill themselves as so-called “clean comedians,” who do not need to drop an F-bomb to get a good laugh, said the show’s producer.

“A clean comedian is somebody who doesn’t use foul language excessively, if at all,” said Michelle Cohen, who will also perform that night. “You can talk about different topics and not have to curse or use vulgar names for body parts, and still get your point across of what you’re talking about, which sometimes can be funnier.”

The Bronx comedian put on the first “Ditmas Snark” show at the Beth Shalom v’Emeth Reform Temple four years ago, after her parents and their friends — all members of the synagogue — saw her perform and asked her to host a similar event at the house of worship. For the Marlborough Road shul’s second comedy night, Cohen kept her eye out while performing at various clubs and shows, finding other talented performers who know how to keep things rated PG, she said.

“The crowd always loves them. It’s a good fit for the venue and the people — the topics are relatable and funny and everyone’s energetic and keeps the crowd laughing and going,” said Cohen, who typically talks about her dating life, family, and work. “There’s a lot of cursing and off-color jokes, but I would say the majority is not, and fortunately I know a lot of really funny people who, if they do something [dirty], it’s purposeful and not just for the sake of cursing.”

Jokester Paul Schissler, who will headline the show along with Sherry Davey, said that avoiding dirty jokes does not mean that he is dumbing down his material — instead, it just increases his audience.

“All my material is clean, because that’s what is most genuine to me. I want to connect with all types of people as well as write material that’s uplifting and gives audiences a taste of joy when watching me,” said Schissler, who lives in Manhattan. “I cover a variety of topics from love life, marriage, family, and even sex, but it’s all done clean. All these things are a part of life, so I think it’s important to be able to joke about them in a healthy, positive way.”

“Ditmas Snark 2” at Beth Shalom v’Emeth Reform Temple [83 Marlborough Rd. at Church Avenue in Ditmas Park, (718) 282–1596, www.bshert.org]. March 10 at 8 pm. $30 ($25 in advance).

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No muss, no cuss: Comedian Paul Schissler, who will headline “Ditmas Snark 2,” said that avoiding salacious topics in his comedy helps him relate to a wider audience.

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