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Clothes crooks take thousands in only designer black shirts from store

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Theft in black

Bandits with a particular sense of fashion stole several black shirts from a Flatbush Avenue on April 19.

Police say the looters entered the store near Avenue U around 6:10 pm and took several designer shirts all in the same color off store shelves. The sneaks left the location just minutes later with their $2,167 worth of ill-gotten duds, according to cops.

Prowling theft

A marauder stole gadgets and some gym gear from a car parked on New York Avenue sometime overnight on April 21.

The owner told police that he parked his vehicle near Avenue J around 3 am, and later that day at noon he discovered his gym bag missing, which included his portable media player, headphones, a face shield, and some cigars, according to cops.

Left unattended

A sly thief snatched valuables from a woman’s bag at an Avenue U department store on April 22.

The victim told cops that she put her bag down in the store near Flatbush Avenue around 2:30 pm and left it unattended. At around 6:30 pm she retrieved her tote but noticed several items she had inside — including jewelry, debit cards, and identification cards — were missing.

Mom robbed

Someone swiped a woman’s bag from her car parked on Avenue K on April 22.

The woman told police she had just parked her vehicle near E. 46th Street around the 7 am and went inside to get her kids ready for school. When she returned to her car about 10 minutes later, she found the passenger-side window smashed and the bag she left sitting on front seat gone.

Cops said the punk got away with two smartphones, a bank card, and a credit card, which were inside the bag, according to the report.

Not so fast

Cops busted a man who they say tried to walk off an Avenue U department store on April 19 with a laundry bag full of items.

Police said the man entered the retailer near Flatbush Avenue around 9:59 pm and placed about $2,700 worth of items into a black laundry bag and tried to leave. Store security stopped him and also discovered a screwdriver he had on him, according to police.

Cops apprehended the suspect minutes later, according to the report.

Shop and lifted

Police arrested a woman trying to flee from an Avenue U department store on April 17 with stolen clothing.

Cops said the lady walked into the store near Flatbush Avenue around 8:40 pm, lifted several garments, and left the store minutes later. Cops caught up with the woman at 10 pm and apprehended her, according to the report.

— Alexandra Simon

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