Cold-blooded robbery on Bedford Avenue

94th Precinct


Run this

Two vicious robbers stole an 18-year-old man’s iPod and stabbed him with a knife on Bedford Avenue on Mach 12.

The victim told police he was near N. Fifth Street at 8 pm, when the thugs approached him and knocked him down.

“Run this s—!” one said, while the other took the victim’s iPod and headphones, as well as $10 from his pocket. The knife-wielding thug then slashed the victim’s left shoulder before both fled.

Black eye

A thug bludgeoned a man’s eye on Manhattan Avenue on March 12.

The victim told police he was near Green Street at 5:50 am, arguing with the villain about money, when the thug attacked.

Handball hurt

An out-of-control handball player struck a 19-year-old in a fight on the McCarren Park handball courts on March 13.

The victim told police he was at the park near Driggs and Union Avenues at 7:35 pm when a fight broke out on the courts. One ruffian swung at the man with a sharp object, puncturing his shoulder. The victim went to Woodhull Hospital for treatment.

Slap happy

Police arrested a 23-year-old who they say slapped a 66-year-old man on Bedford Avenue on March 14.

The victim told police he was near N. Fifth Street at 3:40 pm when the young man slapped him in the face, causing the senior to fall to the ground.

Cash car

A thief stole $23,000 from an armored car on Havemeyer Street on March 16.

The driver parked his car near N. Sixth Street at 11 am and went to fill an ATM, but when he returned, he saw that his passenger-side window was smashed and thousands of dollars were taken from a locked glove box.

Computers swiped

A thief stole a computer and videos from a Bedford Avenue building on March 18.

The tenant left his apartment near N. Ninth Street at 11 am, but when he returned five hours later, he saw his apartment had been ransacked and his computer was missing.

Phone pilfered

A thief stole a man’s iPhone on the Metropolitan Avenue L-train on March 18.

The victim told police he was on the Manhattan-bound pulling into the Lorimer Street station at 7:45 am. That’s when the bandit swiped the phone from his hand and fled the train with three others.

Dodge duped

A crook stole a Dodge truck parked on Roebling Street on March 16.

The driver parked his truck near N. Fourth Street at 8:30 pm, but when he returned at midnight on March 18, it was gone.

— Aaron Short