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Cold comfort

Firefighters assist scuba divers in dragging a jumper out of the icy Hudson River near the 69th Street Pier Friday night.

Borough smoke eaters helped scuba gear-clad cops rescue a man attempting to commit suicide by throwing himself into the frigid harbor Saturday night.

Both police and firefighters were called to the tip of the 69th Street pier off Shore Road at 9:40 pm after witnesses watched in horror as a 45-year-old Middle-Eastern man leapt off the pier into the icy waters below.

Firefighters from Ladder Company 109 on nearby Third Avenue were on the scene in moments, scouring the area for the victim.

After a 10-minute search, firefighters and members of the NYPD Emergency Services Unit found the barely conscious man bobbing about 200 yards south of the pier, floating toward the rocks lining Shore Road Park.

Anchoring themselves to ropes, rescuers repelled down the slippery, slush-covered rocks until they grabbed the victim from an NYPD scuba unit that had waded out to the victim, stopping him from floating out to sea.

Paramedics rushed the 45-year-old to Lutheran Medical Center in nearby Sunset Park where doctors listed him in stable condition.

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