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College try

Three crooks calmly looted an unlocked college dorm room in the famous St. George hotel building on Henry Street on April 25.

Inhabitants of the triple room left at 8:30 pm, and like undergrads nationwide, didn’t bother to lock the door. When they came back at 10:10, two laptops and a pair of cellphones were missing.

Video cameras recorded the three men entering the room empty-handed and exiting it laden with the technology.

Stated goal

Burglars broke into a State Street apartment on May 1 and stole a computer and cigars.

The inhabitant of the apartment, between Third and Flatbush avenues, told police he was not home between 3:15 and 5:30 pm. Damage done to his front door alerted him that he had had a visitor while he was out.

Upon inspecting his residence, he saw that his laptop and assorted cheroots were stolen.

Jean genie

A shoplifter stole 15 pairs of designer jeans from a Smith Street retailer on May 1.

It was a hit-and-run crime — the thief entered the store, between Dean and Bergen streets, grabbed the denim, and made a quick exit at 2 pm.

To the hilt

Knife-wielding ruffians mugged a man on the Flatbush Avenue Extension on May 2.

The villains grabbed the teenage victim by the neck at 2:25 pm, threw him to the wall near the corner of Fleet Street, and pressed their knife blades to his ribcage, thought they didn’t cut him. The victim gave up his phone.

Hopping bad

A pharmacy on Court Street was robbed on May 3 by a frenetic robber.

After filling his coat with boxes of toiletries and cosmetics at 9:12 am, the crook was seen running around the store, near the corner of Joralemon Street, hopping over the counter and waving a knife at any employee who came to close.

No one saw any value in trying to be a hero to stop the man from escaping with Claritin and teeth-whitening strips, so he was able to flee.

Feet of fury

A burglar broke into a State Street house by kicking a hole through the garden level door on either April 28 or 29.

The villain ripped off a contractor employed to renovate the house between Clinton and Court streets, taking a bevy of tools stowed away in the basement, but nothing from the resident.

The contractor told police that the theft occurred between 10 am on April 28 and 8 am the next day.

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