‘Comic’ possibilities at the Brick Theater’s festival of superheroes

‘Comic’ possibilities at the Brick Theater’s festival of superheroes

The Brick is channeling its inner geek once again.

After the past success of “Game Play,” a video game theater festival; and “Nerdlesque,” a dorky burlesque show, comes the ultimate fan-boy union — the Comic Book Theater Festival.

“Outside of theater, comics have always been my most passionate interest,” said Jeff Lewonczyk, an associate director at the Williamsburg venue. “The Brick’s been having fun curating festivals based around a particular genre or performance style, and this is an idea for a genre.”

The genre includes shows about superheroes and webcomics (“Five Things”), adaptations of comic books (“Action Philosophers”), a live action graphic novel (“Manifesto”), a comic book edition of “Nerdlesque,” a play based on the life of a cartoonist (“Reporter Girl”), and, in an obligatory response to Broadway’s “Spider-Man,” an indie superhero rock musical, “Ms. Perfect.”

Lewonczyk presents his own spin on the comic book theater genre with “The Bubble of Solace,” about an obsessive comic book fan who gets too immersed in his favorite titles. But don’t let that cautionary tale dissuade from indulging in your own fandom when the festival kicks off June 2 with a free cabaret preview of all the shows.

“There’s great spectacle, experimentation and narrative fun,” said Lewonczyk. “If you like comic books or theater, there’s something for everyone.”

Comic Book Theater Festival at the Brick [575 Metropolitan Ave. between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, (718) 907-6189], June 2-July 1. Tickets $15. For info, visit www.bricktheater.com.