Coney Island Hospital is reimagining breast imaging

Image makers: On the front lines in the Womens Health Imaging Center at Coney Island Hospital are, from left, Dr. Ami Shah, MD, Director of Breast Imaging; Irina Yadovina, mammography technician; Dr. Daniel Contractor, Chairman of Radiology; and Peter Montanino, Associate Executive Director of Imaging.
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At Coney Island Hospital, ground zero in the battle against breast cancer is on the fifth floor, in the new Women’s Health Imaging Center.

In this, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, doctors and administrators at the largest city Health + Hospitals facility in southern Brooklyn want local women to know that they are more ready than ever to provide state-of-the-art breast health diagnostic and treatment services.

“As per the New York State Cancer Registry data regarding the number of new breast cancer cases detected in the different zip codes of Brooklyn, it was noted that the zip code 11235 — which is where Coney Island Hospital is located — had the highest number of breast cancer cases detected for period 2005–09,” said Dr. Daniel Contractor, chairman of the hospital’s Department of Radiology. “Patient survival outcomes are much improved if the breast cancer is detected in its early stage. It is therefore imperative that we provide the latest cutting edge technology to our patients to help in early breast cancer detection.”

Contractor said the new imaging center is equipped with two units that can perform both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mammography exams. He explained that 3D mammography “will help decrease the recall rates for patients with suspicious findings on 2D mammograms, improving patient satisfaction.”

The new facility also has rooms dedicated for breast ultrasounds and ultrasound guided breast biopsies, Contractor said. He added that all mammography imaging suites have an ambient atmosphere to make for a more-relaxed patient experience.

“Once inside the exam room, our state-of-the art video and surround sound system offers you a choice of soothing environments, such as the beach, a garden, or a rainforest to help you relax during your exam,” Contractor said.

And once relaxed, he promised, patients will be treated by skilled medical staff.

“In Dr. Ami Shah and Dr. Inna Nutanson, we have two very experienced top-quality mammographers who are both board certified by the American College of Radiology and have done fellowships in women’s imaging from prestigious institutions,” Contractor said.

Dr. Tindalo Adaniel, Director of Breast Surgery at the hospital, said that since the Women’s Health Imaging Center opened, “we’re seeing quite a few more patients.

“The new imaging technology makes diagnosis and treatment a lot easier. On average, we probably are doing about 25 mammograms a day,” said Adaniel. “And we could still do more.”

And Dr. Toni Stern, chair of obstetrics and gynecology, added that in addition to mammograms, the new center is equipped with DEXA scanners that measure women’s bone density to diagnose for osteoporosis.

“I’m enthusiastic about the multi-faceted approach we have toward breast-cancer awareness,” Stern said. “We truly partner with our patients to ensure that they receive the care they need.”

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Blushing for a cause: We’re pink this October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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