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Congratulations to the newest Plebe

Hats off: Dorienne Peters is beginning her career in the Navy.

Tassels off to Dorienne Peters, a graduate of Brooklyn College Academy, for her induction into the Naval Academy Class of 2019 to begin a challenging week of basic midshipman training as part of the Plebe Summer program.

Peters boasts a 3.80 grade point average and is a Cadet Commander of the Floyd Bennett Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, the US Air Force Auxiliary, and the recipient of AFROTC, NROTC and Civil Air Patrol scholarships. She was accepted by her top choice college Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, as well as West Point, the Air Force and Naval Academies.

She plans on pursuing a degree in aeronautical engineering and to become a fighter pilot.

Approximately 1,000 candidates are selected each year for the Academy’s Plebe or Freshman class with each student required to participate in the Plebe Summer.

During that time plebes have no access to TV, movies, the internet, or music and are restricted access to cellphones. They are only permitted to make three calls during the entire six weeks of training.

Peters, along with her fellow plebes, will learn basic training, damage control, sailing and handling yard patrol crafts as well as learn infantry drill and how to shoot a 9mm pistol and M-16 rifle.

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