Cool science!

Show and smell: Fifth-grader Kirby Inot’s experiment demonstrates how the human nose gets used to odors.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

The intrepid inventors and mad scientists from kindegarten through fifth grade at PS 52 got to flex their mind muscles on Tuesday and Wednesday, as they showed off their brilliant biology, chemistry, and technology projects at this year’s science fair.

“I think the kids worked really hard,” said science teacher Stacy Dolan, who oversaw the Sheepshead Bay school’s science convention. “They were really creative and showed that they really understand how science and the scientific method works.”

Some interesting projects included fifth-grader Angel Molina’s home-hatched triop, a tiny, three-eyed crustacean whose species has existed for more than 300 million years; fourth-grader Malachi Kwayisi’s soda-can robot, which demonstrated the possibility that everyday objects may someday become self-aware; and fifth-grader Noah Gonzalez’s spy balloon, which once floated 3,000 feet above Sheepshead Bay, taking spectacular aerial images.

“These kids know more about the scientific method than their parents,” Dolan exclaimed.

Each participant was given a certificate for his scientific endeavors, but first, second, and third place winners were chosen among participants in grades three and above, who were then invited to tour the E. 27th Street school, showing off their discoveries.

While their peers were certainly impressed, given their scientific background, they weren’t quite awed like parents were.

“The parents are really surprised when they see all the hands-on projects these kids are doing,” explained Dolan. “They think science involves just text books, but that’s not what these kids are taught.”

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School colors: Science teacher Hayley Kus and fifth-grader Mennal Zafar show off Zafar’s experiment on how shades of light affect plant growth.
Photo by Steve Solomonson

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