Cop chases down phone-thieving posse

Phone chase

Three mean girls swiped an iPhone from a 30-year-old woman on Montague Street on May 19, causing a neighborhood chase that ended in some arrests.

The victim said she was near Court Street at 11:45 pm when a posse of girls grabbed the phone.

The swipe attracted the attention of a police officer, who headed off in pursuit, joined by at least a half-dozen witnesses.

One of the girls then threw the phone into some bushes at Cadman Plaza West and Pierrepont Street, but the cop arrested a 14- and 16-year-old on the scene. One suspect remains at large.

Sweet steal

A burglar broke through the wall of a Jay Street bakery on May 18 to steal cash from the register.

A 57-year-old employee at The Best Chocolate Cake in the World, near Water Street, told police that she left her store at 7 pm and returned the next morning to find found a hole in the thin wall and a smashed register.

The thief got $300 but let the desserts.

Double deal

A thief stole two laptops from a Water Street construction site on May 19.

A worker at the new loft apartments near Bridge Street said that he last saw his devices when he left work at 6 pm. When he returned the next day, he discovered that someone had broken an office door and pilfered the tech treasure.

Paper clip

A teenage bandit slugged a man with a cardboard tube while he was talking on his phone at State and Bond streets on May 17.

The 38-year-old victim told police that a surly teen whacked him at 5:38 pm. Police arrested a 15-year-old suspect shortly after.

Unhappy holiday

A sneaky thief was arrested after allegedly taking $325 from a Bergen Street apartment after the tenant left for vacation on May 7.

The 42-year-old victim told police that he returned to his apartment near Smith Street nine days later to discover that the cash was missing.

The crook, who had a key to the apartment, was later collared.

Cruel treatment

A thief broke into an autism treatment center on Front Street on May 19 and ran off with a flat-screen TV and DVD Player.

An employee told police that he left the League Education and Treatment Center near Main Street at 4:30 pm and returned the following morning to find a shattered glass door and the electronics missing.

Blade runner

An angry steak-knife-wielding stranger attacked a man on Hoyt Street on May 17.

The 21-year-old victim told police that he was near Fulton Streets at 4:55 pm when he bumped into the attacker, who screamed, “Why do you bump into me for?”

The crazy cad then pulled out a steak knife and stabbed the Staten Island man’s shoulder.

Stab at it

A lunatic stabbed a 22-year-old man on Wyckoff Street on May 18.

The victim told police that he was heading to his mother-in-law’s house at 1:15 am when a 40-something man approached him between Court and Smith streets, demanding, “Give me everything you got!”

The son-in-law flinched, and the stabber pierced his left arm before fleeing.

Subway blues

Three teens snatched a phone from a woman aboard a Queens-bound A train on May 19.

The woman told police that she was playing a video game on her cellphone at around 3 pm, when a trio of bandits surrounded her.

When the train doors opened at High Street, one rowdy girl yelled, “Give me the phone, b—h!” and snatched it from the woman’s hand.

Hotcake heist

Someone filched an iPad from a 19-year-old woman’s bag as she worked at the Livingston Street iHOP restaurant on May 17.

The victim told police that she got to the pancake joint near Bond Street at 11:40 am and put her bag in a storage closet. At the end of her shift, the expensive device was gone.

Cops later arrested a 40-year-old suspect.

Pro bono

A looter scored big time when he took 15 MacBook Pros from an online design firm on Main Street.

A 33-year-old employee at Huge LLC, near Front Street, told police that she last saw the laptops at 7:30 pm on May 13. The burglar would need a key for access, she said, and many employees and cleaning crew have one.

Tourist woes

A purse-snatcher swiped a St. Louis woman’s bag from her seat at Junior’s on Flatbush Avenue Extension on May 21.

The woman and her husband were at the cheesecake haven near DeKalb Avenue at 3:30 pm when she realized her purse was gone.

The grifter got away with driver’s licenses, credit cards, $650 in traveler’s checks, $300, Xanax pills, and hundreds in store gift cards.

386 Flatbush Avenue Ext.

Off camera

Someone stole a fancy Nikon camera from a car on Smith Street on May 20.

The 34-year-old owner told police that she had parked the car near State Street.

Tattoo you!

A bald thief with a neck tattoo stole a phone from a straphanger at the Hoyt Street station on May 18.

The 24-year-old victim told police that he was waiting for the Manhattan-bound 2 train under Fulton Street at 11:40 am when the rogue came up from behind and demanded money or a phone.

The man said that he had neither, but the marauder rifled the victim’s pockets.

“Don’t let me have to hurt you!” the thief said.

The victim then gave up his stuff.

Got Moxie

A crook broke into a file cabinet at an Atlantic Avenue family restaurant and absconded with $700.

An employee at The Moxie Spot near Hicks Street told police that he left work at 7:30 on May 16 and returned the next morning to find a broken wall and the cash and a laptop missing.

Dog snatcher

A two-bit burglar broke into a law firm on Main Street on May 19 and took some dog treats.

An employee at the law firm near Front Street told police someone had broke through the wall — and all that was missing was a box of Old Mother Hubbard canine biscuits.

No tips

A burglar stole cash from a Hicks Street Middle Eastern joint on May 21.

An employee told police that he left Fatoosh Pitza at 10 pm and returned the following morning to find $300 missing from the register.

The thief entered the restaurant, which is near Atlantic Avenue, through the cellar door.

Civic minded

A thief stole a 2000 Honda Civic from State Street on May 21. The 57-year-old owner said that she parked the car between Nevins and Bond streets at 6:30 pm and returned the following morning to find it gone.

Money bawl

There were at least three purse- or wallet-snatchings last week:

• A crook stole a wallet from a man on Jay and Prospect streets on May 18. The 19-year-old victim told police that a man bumped into him at midnight, taking the billfold.

• A thief swiped the BlackBerry from a woman’s purse as she entered the subway station at Joralemon and Court streets on May 18 at 2 pm. The woman realized she had lost her phone, so she dialed her digits — and the lady thief answered, refused to return the phone, and turned it off.

Joralemon Street and Court Street

• A thief stole a wallet from a 66-year-old woman on Jay and Fulton streets on May 19 at 4 pm as she got on a bus. The victim told police that the crook racked up $445 on her credit cards.

— Kate Briquelet