Cop fires bullet into apartment — by accident!

Cop fires bullet into apartment — by accident!
Photo by Tom Callan

A police officer accidentally fired a bullet into a residential building on busy Atlantic Avenue on Tuesday after a driver tried to run him over.

The officer was apparently chasing the reckless driver on foot with his gun drawn near Clinton Street when he was grazed by the motorist and discharged the round.

The driver had slowed down to squeeze between a film crew trailer and an ice truck, a witness said, also slamming into the vehicle.

“I put my hand on his fender and hollered at him to stop,” said Frank Killen, who works on the set of “Pan Am,” a new TV show that was shooting near the intersection. “Then I hear a gun go off — and the guy speeds away.”

The bullet struck a second-floor residential unit in the brick building that also houses Urban Outfitters just before 2 pm, causing a small crowd to scatter.

“They roped off the street and there were quite a few people taking photos,” said Urban Outfitters worker Benice Atufunwa, adding that cops collected surveillance camera footage from the shop. “But the bullet went into the apartment above us.”

A police spokesman did not respond — and Killen noted he did not remember anything about what the car or the wild man behind the wheel looked like.

“There was a whole lot of adrenaline,” he said. “It happened so fast.”