Cops arrest alleged drunk driver after fatal crash on Gowanus Expressway

drunk driver
The Gowanus Expressway near Exit 17 at 92nd Street in Bay Ridge.

Police arrested a man for alleged drunk driving following a fatal crash on the Gowanus Expressway in Bay Ridge which killed his passenger Wednesday night. 

Staten Island man Mark Dookhan, 30, was allegedly intoxicated when he slammed his BMW sedan into the back of the bigger vehicle near Exit 17 at 92nd Street on the Rock-bound side of the highway around 11:20 pm, police said. 

Dookhan’s friend in the passenger seat, Karen Diaz, also 30, died in the collision with the truck, which was stopped in traffic in the middle lane at the time, according to police. 

Paramedics rushed to the scene and pronounced Diaz dead and Dookhan was brought to NYULangone-Brooklyn in stable condition. The driver of the truck was not injured and remained on scene. 

Dookhan showed signs of intoxication and refused to take a breathalyzer test, and police arrested him for drunk driving, according to a Police Department spokesman. The suspect has previously been convicted of driving while intoxicated within the last 10 years, according to police.