Cops: Brute chokes car mechanic over high estimate

Goon robs woman on city bus

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

The price is wrong

A psycho choked and robbed a car mechanic at an 18th Avenue garage when the grease monkey gave him an estimate he didn’t like on Aug. 17, cops report.

A worker at Mash Auto Repair between 87th and 88th streets said the perp brought in a car he wanted fixed up at 2:15 pm. The technician named a price that so infuriated the brute that the man wrapped his hands around the repairman’s throat and threatened to kill him.

The villain then stole the mechanic’s wallet with $2,430 inside.

Boxed out

A crook held up a leaflet distributor at knifepoint on 73rd Street in the middle of the afternoon on Aug. 17, cops report.

The victim said he was papering houses along the residential block between 20th and 21st avenues at 1:15 pm when the thug approached him with a box-cutter and demanded his money. The trembling man forked over $60 before turning and running home.

Chain smoked

A thug with a handkerchief tied around his face — bank robber-style — held up a 17th Avenue deli on Aug. 13 for $750 in cash and $2,950 in cigarettes, cops say.

A worker at Express Deli between 77th and 78th streets told cops that the goon entered the store at 10:16 pm with a black bandana over his mouth and nose, and a gun in his hand. The crook demanded the dough and cartons of smokes before fleeing with the loot.

Treasure trove

A villain robbed an Avenue P apartment of $130,500 in jewelry on Aug. 15, police reports say.

The victim said she left her home between W. First and W. Second streets at 7:30 am, and returned at 4:45 pm to find her gold necklace, diamond ring, diamond necklace, and platinum watch all missing.


A mugger slugged a Bensonhurst man in the face for his iPhone on Bay 41st Street on Aug. 15, police report.

The victim said he was near Benson Avenue at 8:15 pm when the perp pulled up on his bicycle and cracked the victim one in the jaw, before yanking the mobile device out of his hand.

Extreme stick-up

A pair of punks robbed a man of his wallet and iPhone with a semi-automatic firearm on 21st Avenue on Aug. 17, according to police.

The man told cops he was near 75th Street at 1:30 am when the dangerous duo came up to him and flashed the weapon before demanding his cash and gadget. The jerks then fled down 75th Street.

Welcome committee

Two fiends robbed a Wisconsin woman of $1,000 in cash and a $2,000 wallet on Bay 41st Street on Aug. 17, according to cops.

The Badger State lady reported that she was near Benson Avenue at 2:30 am when she noticed the crooks were following her. One of the pair displayed a box-cutter and demanded her stuff, before fleeing the scene with the swag in hand.

Brutal beating

A creep pummeled a Bensonhurst woman’s face before stealing her purse on W. First Street on Aug. 19, cops say.

The victim said she was between Kings Highway and Quentin Road at 11:30 pm when the jerk grabbed her and struck her repeatedly about the head before tearing away her bag. The thug then fled toward Kings Highway.

Electronics depot

A burglar made off with $14,750 in high-tech gadgetry from a 15th Avenue apartment on Aug. 13, cops say.

The victim reported that he left his home between 88th and 89th streets at 7 am, and returned at 4 pm to see his Mac Book, iPhone, and digital camera had all been stolen. Neighbors told cops they heard nothing unusual all day.

New phone time

A bandit swiped a Bensonhurst woman’s iPhone after asking her what time it was at the 20th Avenue N Train station on Aug. 14, cops say.

The victim told cops she was buying a MetroCard inside the station at 3:40 pm when the perp approached and asked her for the hour. When woman took out her phone to tell him, the jerk snatched the gadget from her hands and ran.

Real animal

A crook robbed a Gravesend woman inside a Kings Highway vet’s office on Aug. 17, according to police.

The victim said that she was in the hallway of the Jacobison Veterinary Clinic between W. Sixth and W. Seventh streets at 4:08 pm when the thief was buzzed into the building and confronted her. She said the villain took her wallet out of her bag before fleeing through the clinic’s bathroom.

Close shave

A crook took more than $13,000 in watches and electronics — as well as two 10-packs of disposable razors — from a W. Third Street house on Aug. 15, police say.

The victim said that he left his pad between Quentin Road and Kings Highway at 7:30 am, and came home at 6 pm to find his timepieces, camcorder, and packs of throwaway Gillettes all gone.

— Will Bredderman

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