Cops cash in on bone-headed burglar

Gold swiper busted

An 18-year-old Canarsie teen who allegedly stole a ring and sold it to a pawn shop was arrested for the burglary last week.

Police allege that the teen and two accomplices broke into an E. 54th Street home between Avenues M and N on Aug. 15. After being boosted up to an open window, the teen swiped a number of items, including a Trinidadian high school class ring.

The teen and his accomplices fled the scene, but were connected to the burglary when the 18-year-old sold the ring to Elite Gold Buyers on Fulton Street in Cypress Hills, giving the clerk his real name and his E. 93rd Street address.

The teen seemed surprised when cops showed up at his home last week, charging him with burglary, criminal trespass and criminal possession of stolen property.

Heroin hang up

A 44-year-old drug dealer fought off a cop trying to arrest him on E. 105th Street on Aug. 25.

Police were patrolling the area Farragut Road when they saw the suspect holding several glassine envelopes containing heroin.

But when the dealer saw the cops, he threw the envelopes on some nearby train tracks and ran off.

While trying to catch the would-be dealer, the thug struck the arresting officer in the mouth, cracking his teeth.

Stabber grab

A 38-year-old woman stabbed another woman in the shoulder and chest during an Aug. 17 argument inside a Rockaway Parkway apartment — and was later arrested for it.

The two women were arguing in the apartment, which is near near Seaview Avenue, at 8:15 pm when the suspect pulled a steak knife and attacked.

— Thomas Tracy

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