Cops confiscate $38,000

Talk about laundering your money!

East Flatbush police working the midnight shift on March 10 earned their pay — and then some — when they confiscated $38,000 from a man who claimed the bag he was carrying the cash in contained his laundry.

Cops patrolling the Flatbush Gardens housing complex spotted two men walking into the development with a duffle bag at about 2 am.

About an hour later, they spotted one of the men leaving the area — this time with a large plastic bag.

At that point, cops stopped him and asked what was in the bag, when he made the erroneous claim that it was his dirty clothes.

When the cops asked if they could see the laundry, the man opened the bag, revealing the loot.

Deputy Inspector Corey Pegues, commanding officer of the 67th Precinct, said the suspect was brought in for questioning and released, adding that police are heavily monitoring the area to help crack down on drug deals and gun violence.

The man will have a window of time to bring in proof of the legitimacy of the money. After that, it will go into the city coffers, Pegues said.

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