Cops: Crooks attack woman on Bay 28th Street

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Wrestling team

Two brutes knocked a woman to the ground on Bay 28th Street and tried to rob her on Oct. 4, police say.

The victim told cops she was near Cropsey Avenue on her way home at 5:10 am whent he two ruffians approached and told her in Russian that they would stab her if she didn’t fork over her cash.

The woman resisted and the two crooks pushed her to the sidewalk and tried to take the money by force. After a brief struggle, the jerks took off.

On the ground

Two armed thugs ransacked a Kings Highway bodega for cash and cigarettes after forcing the owner to get on the store’s floor on Oct. 2, cops say.

The victim told police the pair of jerks entered his business near W. Second Street at 12:02 am and pointed a silver revolver in his face before demanding he lie on the linoleum. The crooks then emptied the register of $1,400 and took three cartons of smokes from behind the counter, then fled toward W. Second Street.

Rob squad

Three gun-toting crooks locked the clerk at a 20th Avenue store in the basement and cleaned the place out of cash and cigarettes on Oct. 2, police report.

The victim said the crooks came into the shop between 69th and 70th streets at 1:37 am with a gun drawn. They then ushered the man into the cellar and locked the door, then took $2,100 in currency and several cartons of cancer sticks before running away.

No fare

A thug punched and robbed a cab driver on 19th Avenue after refusing to pay for his ride from Bay Ridge on Oct. 3, according to cops.

The victim said he picked up the perp at the corner of 76th Street and Fifth Avenue at 11:45 pm and drove him to the corner of 74th Street and 19th Avenue. When the driver asked to be paid, the crook told him no, then cracked him in the face and took his cash and cellphone before fleeing.

Curb stomp

A group of thugs brutalized a man on 80th Street on Oct. 6 before taking his wallet and bicycle, according to police.

The victim said he was between 18th and 19th avenues on his way home at 6:15 am when one punk jumped in front of him and punched him. Several other goons joined in, kicking and hitting him on the ground, before making off with his wheels and billfold.


A bouncer at an 86th Street bar cracked a customer over the head in a dispute over a woman on Oct. 4, according to police.

The victim told cops that he was talking to a girl in the watering hole between 24th Avenue and Bay 37th Street at 9 pm when he got into an argument with the guard — then got struck with a blunt object.

— Will Bredderman

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