Cops cuff suspect in Ocean Parkway robbery

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate


Police cuffed a man for allegedly beating and robbing a man on Ocean Parkway on Sept. 26.

The victim told police that the suspect punched him in the head near Brighton Avenue at 5:20 pm, before making off with his phone.

Parking pirate

A thief looted a car parked on Bay 43rd Street on Sept. 22.

The crook shattered the car’s driver’s side window near Bath Avenue at 6 pm, before nabbing anything of value, cops said.

Hats off

Cops cuffed a man for allegedly beating a teenager and stealing his hat on W. Brighton Ave. on Sept. 26.

The victim, 14, told police the bruiser punched him in the face near W. Second Street at 5 pm, before fleeing with his lid and other personal items, police said.


Some thieves stole $54,800 worth of luxury goods from a Bay 44th St. home on Sept. 27.

The victim told police the burglars allegedly entered his home near 27th Avenue through a window at 7 pm, when he snagged furs, jewelry, and designer goods.

— Chandler Kidd

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