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Cops: Dinner party goes horribly wrong

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Double date

A scratching match between two women in a 72nd Street home on July 17 escalated into a robbery, cops say.

One of the brassy ladies told police that she and her husband had the other woman over at their home between 19th and 20th avenues at 11:47 pm when a verbal dispute broke out. The hostess said her bad guest then attacked her, sinking her fingernails into her face.

Police say the guest’s male friend arrived and punched the hostess in the face, and the two began hurling plates at the couple, from which the husband sustained a wrist injury. The second woman then told her accomplice to stab the other man, at which point her partner-in-crime drew a knife and demanded the couple hand over their jewelry, according to police. The robber then fled, leaving his gal pal to be arrested by police when they arrived.

Cart crook

A thug held up an 86th Street halal cart on July 18.

The victim told police the robber approached his food wagon near 20th Avenue at 1:10 am, holding hand gun, and demanded his money. The gyro-maker forked over all of it — $50 in cash — and the crook jumped into a white SUV and sped away.

Train thugs

Three gun-toting thugs robbed a Department of Transportation worker at the 18th Avenue N train station on July 21.

The victim reported that he was leaving the station through the exit at the corner of 17th Avenue and 64th Street at 2:05 am when the villains pulled up in their dark car and jumped out, one of them holding a firearm.

“Gimme your money,” the gunman said.

The victim handed over his wallet, and the trio got back in their vehicle and sped down 64th Street.

Bad deal

A crook knocked over a 20th Avenue supermarket with a semiautomatic weapon on July 21, cops report.

The store clerk said a man came into store between 78th and 79th streets at 5 am and whipped him across the face with a hand gun. The crook then pointed the gun at the worker and demanded he open the register. The victim obeyed, and the robber swiped roughly $500 in cash.

Knock, knock

A crook kicked in the door of a Bay Ridge Avenue apartment and stole the owner’s jewelry and gadgetry on July 19, according to cops.

The victim said he left his home between 20th and 21st avenues at 7 am and game back later to find someone had busted in his front door and stolen his belongings.

Wagon robbery

A three crooks robbed a halal cart on 65th Street on July 20, cops say.

The victim said two men and a woman ordered food from his wagon near 18th Avenue at 3:10 am. One of the men then pulled out a knife and demanded the falafel man hand over his money.

The victim complied, surrendering $120. The crooks then fled down 18th Avenue.

Bad call

A trio of armed robbers stuck up a Bensonhurst man for his cell phone on July 20, according to police.

The victim said he and his friend were at the corner of 64th Street and 18th Avenue at 6:30 pm when two men with knives and a third carrying a gun approached and told him to hand over his phone. The muggers then fled on foot.

Medical costs

A burglar swiped prescription pills and electronics from a house on W. Fifth Street while the owner was in the hospital on July 17, police say.

The victim said that, while he was receiving treatment around 3 pm, a bandit forced open the basement window of his house between Quentin Road and Avenue P and swiped his gadgets and medicine.

A real tool

A crook swiped an air conditioner repairman’s tools from his truck parked on 18th Avenue on July 20, police report.

The victim said he left his vehicle between 74th and 75th streets at 8 pm with his equipment on the front seat. When he came back, he saw somebody had swiped all of his stuff.

Baby on board

A crook swiped a woman’s wallet off of her baby stroller at an 86th Street store on July 16, police say.

The woman said she was shopping at Sweet Harvest Natural Foods between 23rd Avenue and Bay 32nd Street at noon when she left her pocketbook on the carriage and stepped away for a moment — just enough time for a bandit to swipe the billfold containing $200 in cash, her credit cards, and identification.

iPhone flap

Cops arrested a man for swiping a woman’s iPhone at the Kings Highway N train station on July 18.

The victim told police that she was riding the train between the Avenue U and Kings Highway stations at 3:30 pm. When the train stopped, the man snatched her gadget and jumped off at the station.

Police arrested a suspect on W. 11th Street between Avenues V and W.


A crook swiped a Bensonhurst woman’s iPhone right out of her hand on July 21.

The victim said she was at the corner of 86th and Bay 23rd streets talking on her phone at 10:10 pm when the perp snuck up behind her and grabbed the device away from her ear.

Wild goose

A pickpocket pocketed a Bensonhurst woman’s wallet — with $375 inside — on 86th Street on July 21, and led her on a chase before escaping.

The victim said she was near Bay Parkway at 7:45 pm when she felt her wallet being removed. She turned as the perp took off, and she pursued down Bay Parkway, but lost his trail after he turned onto Benson Avenue.

— Will Bredderman

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