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Cops: Dorito-lover breaks into 14th Street home

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Dorito loco

Cops arrested a guy who they say broke into a 14th Street apartment and stole an envelope full of cash and some keys on July 2.

The victim’s friend who was staying at the apartment between Fifth and Fourth avenues called the cops around 6 pm when she sensed an intruder, then heard the perp run down the stairs.

She went to the window and saw a man holding a bag of Doritos run down 14th Street towards Fifth Avenue. The victim told cops an envelope full of cash and his keys were missing. Cops cuffed the alleged Dorito-loving crook, according to a police report.

Laundry grab

A thief with expensive taste nabbed a bunch of clothes worth more than $4,000 from a car parked on Ninth Street on June 30.

The car’s owner told cops he had an assortment of shirts, cuff links, jackets, and pants in his car that he left parked near Fifth Avenue at 11 am, only to find them all missing when he later returned to his car.

There were no signs that someone had tried to break into the car, cops say.

Roller robber

A lout stole a woman’s purse from her locker at a skating rink in Prospect Park on July 5.

The woman told cops she put her purse inside a locker at the skating rink on East Drive, but when she came back to get her purse it was gone. Her cellphone, more than $1,000 in cash, and a few credit and debit cards were inside the stolen purse, cops say.

No unauthorized charges were made to the cards, which have been cancelled.

Crime of fashion

A teen stole several stacks of designer jeans from a Flatbush Avenue store on July 2.

The greedy fashionista came into the store between Pacific and Dean Streets, reached over a display table and grabbed two stacks of jeans, which are altogether worth more than $2,000. The perp fled and no arrests have been made, cops say.

— Allegra Hobbs

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