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Cops: Drunk driver smashes into nine parked cars

78th Precinct

Park Slope


Cops busted an allegedly wasted driver after she managed to collide with not one, not two, but nine parked cars on Eighth Avenue on Dec. 24.

The arresting officer was responding to a complaint of a reckless driver when he allegedly spotted the suspect hopelessly trying to parallel park her 2005 Toyota Corolla near 10th Street at 8:15 pm. The officer ordered the suspect to kill the engine, before looking around to find a small fleet of busted, dented cars in her wake, according to police.

The suspect told the patrolman she’d had three drinks earlier that night, but a test allegedly revealed the woman had a blood-alcohol content of .227 — nearly three times the legal limit, cops said.

Out for a stroll

A bad guy stole a mom’s stroller after she left it unattended outside of a 13th Street daycare on Dec. 20.

The victim told police that she left the pricey carriage unsupervised as she dipped into the baby depot between Sixth and Seventh avenues at 8:05 am, only to emerge later to find the stroller had vanihsed, along with a pair of gloves and a home pedicure foot buff.

Shaken up

Police have given up the hunt for a kook who went ballistic and started shaking a 62-year-old woman before damaging her car on Prospect Park West on Dec. 21.

The victim told officials that she pulled her vehicle to the side of the road near Garfield Place at 9:15 am when a wacko driving a black Jeep Wrangler shouted at her to move.

The lady told the jerk that she couldn’t move just yet, and he suddenly snapped and reached into her car to shake her, before punching her driver-side door, leaving a dent, according to a report.

The victim was able to supply investigators with the villain’s New York license plate number, but no arrests have been made in relation to the attack, and the case has been closed.

A bad turn

Officers collared a man after they say he was driving drunk and made an illegal turn off of Flatbush Avenue on Dec. 19.

The arresting officer reported spotting the suspect take an illegal right turn onto Atlantic Avenue at 2:55 am, before pulling him over for the infraction.

When confronting the motorist, the patrolman allegedly noticed the guy smelled strongly of booze and couldn’t stand straight when the officer ordered him out of the car, cops said.

Back at the precinct, the suspect was allegedly found to have a blood-alcohol content of .112 — well over the state’s .08 limit — according to police.

Sock it to ’em

Cops cuffed a 20-year-old man who they say served another gentleman a knuckle sandwich on Second Street on Dec. 4.

The victim told cops he was arguing with the suspect near Fourth Avenue at 5:57 pm, when their heated exchange came to a head and the fellow socked him once in the face.

Digital dine ’n’ dash

Cops are hunting for a thief who nabbed a digital tablet from behind the counter of a Fifth Avenue diner on Dec. 20.

Surveillance footage shows the crook inside the eatery between Prospect and Park places at 11:30 pm, then sauntering back into the employees-only section of the restaurant and nabbing a $200 Galaxy Tab 4 he found there, according to a police report.

— Colin Mixson

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