Cops: Dummy accidentally shoots friend

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Accidental discharge

Cops say a gun-wielding dummy accidentally shot his friend on Farragut Road on Jan. 12.

The fool was playing with the gun inside his apartment near Ralph Avenue at 4:13 am when he accidentally discharged the weapon, blasting the other man in his left hip. The victim was taken to Brookdale hospital, where he was treated and released.

Hole in the head

A thug shot another man in the head on E. 58th Street on Jan. 13.

Police say the victim was between Avenues K and L at 11:40 pm when a bullet struck him in the head. The man was transported to Kings County Hospital in stable condition, where he came to with no recollection of the incident.

Avenue J(umped)

Two thugs mugged a man on Avenue J on Jan. 11.

The victim said he was near Nostrand Avenue at 3 pm when the two punks approached and asked him what he was carrying in his pockets.

When he took out his phone one of the perps snatched it from out of his hand, then slugged him in the face and fled.

Doomed delivery

A thief mugged a Chinese food delivery guy on E. 57th street on Jan. 11.

The victim was near Avenue O at 7:15 pm, when he was approached by the thug.

“Don’t move or I’ll shoot. You got money?” the perp barked, before grabbing $130, credit cards, a cellphone, and a driver’s license from the victim.

Run your pockets

Two punks mugged a woman on Kings Highway on Jan. 11.

The victim said she was near E. 34th Street at 6:30 pm when she was approached by the two thugs.

“Run your pockets,” one of the goons shouted, before punching the woman in the neck and face. One of the thugs then held out a gun while the other grabbed $183, credit cards, and the victim’s cellphone.

All bark, no bite

Three thugs tried to rob a restaurant on Nostrand Avenue on Jan. 12 — but failed after the victim realized they were all talk.

The victim said he was inside the restaurant between Marine Parkway and Kings Highway at around 4:30 pm when the three punks entered and started making threats.

He soon realized that the perps were all bark and no bite, and refused to hand over his property. The thugs left soon after.

Bodega brawl

A thief robbed a bodega on Flatbush Avenue on Jan. 14 — attacking an employee in the process.

The victim was behind the register of the store near E. 37th Street at 5:15 pm when the goon entered and demanded cash. The employee refused, prompting the thug to make his way behind the counter and grapple with the victim.

The employee managed to punch the thief in the face, but the thug still made off with $200.

Window stopper

Two goons tried to burglarize an apartment on E. 49th street on Jan. 9 — but ran off before they could get inside.

The would-be thieves tried to enter the residence between Avenues M and L at 9:40 am by cutting through the screen of the building’s rear window. However, they failed to get inside, so they fled.

Jewel thief

A thug burglarized a house on E. 59th Street on Jan. 5.

The burglar entered the home between Avenues T and U sometime after 4 pm that night, and pilfered the woman’s jewelry stash.

Salon steal

A thief robbed a hair salon on Quentin Road on Jan. 7.

The thief entered the business between E. 31st and E. 32nd streets through the rear door sometime after 7 pm. He made off with $468 and some checks.

— Colin Mixson