Cops: Employee pocketed thousands from restaurant

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Employee of the year

Cops collared a man on July 20 after his bosses caught him red-handed incrementally stealing thousands of dollars from a Schermerhorn Street restaurant, according to a report.

The employee swiped cash from the dining spot between Hoyt and Bond streets between Nov. 8 and July 18, police said. During that time the perp repeatedly stole the cash in bundles up to $661.33, eventually totalling $7,845.70 by the time the bossman and the law caught up, according to a report.


Some miscreant ran off with a man’s bag after the guy fell asleep at a Fulton Street burger joint on July 20, cops said.

The victim ate his meal and promptly caught some Zs in his seat at the chain restaurant between Boerum Place and Pearl Street about 11:05 pm, but when he awoke half an hour later, someone had snagged his bag — along with its contents, including bracelet, phone, and tablet, according to a report.

Snatch and go

A pickpocket made off with a man’s phone and some cash on Smith Street on July 21, according to police.

The victim was near Dean Street at 4:15 pm when some two-bit rogue ran by and snatched the iPhone 6 Plus out of his hand, along with the phone’s case and $120 in cash, $220 monthly MetroNorth pass, and $60 MetroCard it held, cops said.

Who can you trust?

An unknown thief pilfered more than $1,000 from a safe at a Fulton Street shop on July 21, according to police.

The owner of the store between Pearl and Smith streets left $1,648 in the safe at 1 pm, but by 4:30 pm that day the cash was cone, according to police. Only three employees had access to the safe, and 12 employees were working at the time it went missing, cops said.

Caught in the act

Police cuffed an alleged burglar after his victim stumbled upon a bungled Dean Street breaking-and-entering attempt in the wee hours of July 23, according to a report.

The victim awoke to the lovely music of her security alarm going off in her home between Hoyt and Bond streets, and upon heading to the ground floor, saw the alleged marauder sneaking about downstairs, cops said.

When police arrived on the scene they nabbed the would-be burglar, retrieved a MacBook Pro, and arrested the 39-year-old Sunset Park man, according to a report.

Hairy situation

A pair of shiny-domed thieves made off with more than $1,000 in hair-growth medication from a Court Street convenience store on July 24, cops said.

The balding miscreants entered the shop near Montague Street, snatched 22 boxes of Rogaine hair treatment between the two of them, and dashed out with the goods before security could stop them and their shiny pates, according to a report.

— Noah Hurowitz

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