Cops: Fiend swipes woman’s cellphone in horrific attack

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Cell hell

A brute choked and threw a Bensonhurst woman to the ground for her cellphone on W. Ninth Street on Aug. 2, cops say.

The victim told police that she was between Highlawn Avenue and Kings Highway at 2:45 am when the villain snuck up from behind her and grabbed her by the throat, then hurled her to the pavement. The crook then took away her phone and fled.

Domestic disturbance

A bitter Bensonhurst husband broke into his estranged wife’s New Utrecht Avenue apartment and stole her jewelry on Aug. 2 — while his ex and their children were home — police report.

The woman claimed that her ex-husband scaled the fire escape of her building between 72nd and 73rd streets at 7:20 am and smashed in her kitchen window — slicing his arm open in the process — then entered her home. The man then broke the woman’s phone and stole several gold chains before running off, police said.

Real tool

A crook broke into a 19th Avenue construction site and stole workers’ tools overnight on Aug. 4, according to cops.

The building company said workers sealed off the site between 71st and 72nd streets at 4:45 pm, and came back in the morning to see their equipment missing.

Cab grab

Drunken riders hijacked a gypsy cab they were in on Bay Parkway on Aug. 3, cops report.

The driver said he picked the pair up at 5:35 pm and headed down Shore Parkway. While he was driving, one of the passengers began slapping him in the face, then seized the wheel, police said. The car careened into another vehicle, then a guardrail.

The driver pulled over and got out, and the tanked twosome sped the car toward exit six, police reported.

Car trade

A creep stole a Bensonhurst man’s vehicle — and left behind his own — on 77th Street on Aug. 4, according to police.

The victim said he parked his car between 21st and 22nd avenues at 6 pm, and came out the next morning to see a completely different car in its place.

— Will Bredderman

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