Cops: Gyro cart customer goes on food-flinging rampage

94th Precinct


Food fight

Cops arrested a guy who they say pilfered cash from a gyro cart at N. Seventh Street and Bedford Avenue on Feb. 26, then hurled bottles and cans at the vendor and spitefully tossed the cart’s food supply.

The man starting hassling the vendor and his customers for a gyro around 2:56 am, despite not having enough cash, according to a police report. When the vendor refused to serve him, the guy allegedly stole a wad of cash from the back of the cart and refused to hand it over, police said. The vendor then called the cops and the man allegedly got angry, shoving and punching the victim’s face and body, authorities said.

The victim fled, seeking shelter in a nearby doughnut shop, at which point the guy reportedly started dumping out the cart’s bread and sauce supply, police said. When the victim emerged from the doughnut shop, cops say the perp allegedly hurled Snapple bottles and soda cans at him, smashing into the food cart, cops said.

The man ran off when the cops showed up, and allegedly tried to resist arrest by flailing violently, hurting the arresting officer in the process, according to authorities.

Beware of dog

A looter snatched some belongings from a Newton Street apartment on Feb. 27 before being scared off by the victim’s barking dog.

The victim told cops she was awakened in her place between Manhattan and Graham avenues around 3:10 am to the sound of her dog barking and growling, then sat up in bed and noticed a shadow lurking around her living room.

When she yelled “Hey,” the scamp hoofed it through the front door and fled, police said. The woman then noticed the thief had filched two debit cards, one of which was later used at a train station, and $80 in cash from the apartment, cops said.


A thief stole a car that was parked on Roebling Street sometime between Feb. 24 and 26.

The driver left his ride parked legally near N. Seventh Street on Feb. 24 around 9:30 pm, then came back on Feb. 26 around 11:10 pm to find it missing, according to a police report.

There was no broken glass on the scene, and the driver admitted he may have left the car unlocked by mistake, cops said.

— Allegra Hobbs

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