Cops: Knife-wielding thug holds up cyclist

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Bike slasher

A knife-wielding thug held up a cyclist with a knife and stole his phone, cash, and ride on 67th Street on Sept. 21, cops say.

The victim said he was unlocking his bike he left between 21st and 22nd avenues at 1:20 am when the creep came up behind him and held a blade to his throat.

“Give me your phone,” the perp whispered.

The victim handed over his Android, and the robber decided to take his backpack and wallet, too, before riding away on the man’s bicycle.

Gang of five

Five thugs beat down a man for his phone on New Utrecht Avenue on Sept. 24, police report.

The victim said the goons approached him near 76th Street at 2:25 am and knocked him to the ground. The villains then started kicking and punching him before taking his phone and fleeing down 76th Street.


A jerk beat a random man with a stick on 70th Street on Sept. 21, police say.

The victim reported that he was near 20th Avenue at 11:35 pm when the crook approached him, wielding the length of wood, and began hitting him in the face.

Close shave

A thug sliced up his nephew’s father with a razor blade in a Kings Highway Bar on Sept. 23, according to police.

The victim reported that he and his baby mama’s brother were inside Tijuana Sports Bar between MacDonald Avenue and Lake Street at 1:30 am when the other man drew the blade and slashed his hand, face, and torso.

Big bummer

A fiend took a box-cutter to a stranger who refused him a cigarette on 86th Street on Sept. 23, according to cops.

The man said he was near 15th Avenue at 12:20 am when the villain came up to him and asked for a smoke. When the victim said no, the jerk pulled out the utility knife and cut the victim on the forearm before fleeing.

— Will Bredderman

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