Cops: Man arrested in bat attack

63rd Precinct

Marine Park—Mill Basin—Flatlands—Bergen Beach

Bat man

A 46-year-old man was arrested for beating up another man with a baseball bat on Avenue N on May 12.

The victim told police that he was between E. 71st and E. 72nd streets at 3:53 am when the suspect bashed him in the face with the bat, and then proceeded to pummel him with his fists.

In-and-out burglar

A 43-year-old man was arrested for robbing an Avenue K home on May 10.

A police officer said he saw the man going in and out of the house between E. 34th and E. 35th streets at around 11:10 pm, stacking various items near the door, including two televisions and a stereo system.

Shifty shoplifters

Cops arrested a 21-year-old man for shoplifting from a Kings Highway CVS on May 8.

A witness told police that he was at the pharmacy between E. 49th Street and Utica Avenue at 2:10 pm when he saw two men take various items — including cold and allergy medicine — and attempt to leave without paying.

Car pirate

A 17-year-old boy was arrested for pillaging a car parked on Avenue L on May 10.

A witness told police that he was between E. 51st and E. 52nd streets at 8 am when he saw two men bust into a red 2004 GMC Envoy and take a pricey navigation system.

Drunk and swerving

A 21-year-old man was arrested for speeding and driving under the influence on the Shore Parkway in Mill Basin on May 15.

The arresting officer said he saw the suspect driving 95 miles-per-hour in a 35-mile-per-hour work zone on Shore Parkway and swerving from lane to lane at 2:15 am.

When the driver pulled over, he appeared to be drunk — and was driving without a license, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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