Cops: Maniac went on Bedford Avenue restaurant rampage

94th Precinct


Serial outcast

Cops cuffed a young man who they say went on a rampage on Bedford Avenue on Nov. 26 that ended with him assaulting an officer.

The man’s first stop was a pizzeria between N. Seventh and N. Eighth streets, according to a report. The clerk said that the suspect walked into the business at 1:55 am and started complaining about the seating and service. He then picked up a chair and bashed the clerk in the head, according to the authorities.

“If you call the police, I will burn the place down,” the accused allegedly threatened.

Police say a few minutes later the same fellow waltzed into a restaurant on N. Eighth Street between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street and tried to rob the place.

“I am a f—— sniper and this is going to be the worst day of your life,” he supposedly told the staff. “I want all the money inside.”

One of the waiters called the cops, and officers took the man to the 94th Precinct on Meserole Avenue. There he threw a cop to the floor, injuring the officer’s back and neck, police claim. The officer was taken to Bellevue Medical Center and the suspect was hit with several charges, including assault and attempted robbery.

Bad son

A man was arrested for beating his elderly mother with a pan on Huron Street on Nov. 27, police reported.

The 73-year-old victim said that she confronted her son about his drinking problem in their home between McGuinness Bouvelard and Provost Street at 2 pm.

“You drinking again?” she said she asked her son.

The suspect responded that he was going to kill her, picked up a pan, and smashed her in the face, head, and body, according to cops.

The accused also picked up a pair of scissors and held them to his mom’s neck, officers stated. Police charged the man with assault.

Mean teens

A crew of punks beat a man and stole his phone on Manhattan Avenue on Nov. 21, police related.

The victim said that he was at the corner of Meeker Avenue at 2:40 pm when the terrible teens surrounded him and set to punching him in the head.

At some point, the phone fell out of his pocket and one of the delinquents grabbed it and ran, the authorities said. The victim’s girlfriend called his phone a few minutes later and a male voice answered, a report states.

“Yeah, b—-, I have your phone,” the fiend supposedly said, then hung up.

— Danielle Furfaro

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