Cops nab DUMBO ‘smasher’

Wanted in car break-in spree
The Brooklyn Paper / Sarah Portlock

The smasher just got collared.

Cops have arrested a career criminal on charges stemming from a car break-in in DUMBO in April, and are investigating whether the man is also responsible for a series of break-ins in recent months.

Darren “Squarehead” Stone was indicted on Wednesday on single felony count of criminal mischief and several misdemeanor counts of petit larceny, and faces up to seven years in prison, said Jonah Bruno, a spokesman for the Brooklyn District Attorney. Stone faces the felony charge because of his extensive rap sheet.

The arrest stemmed from an April incident in which Stone allegedly broke into an SUV on Water Street and stole a $300 ring and car seat, Bruno said. Police say Stone cut his hand on the broken glass and left drops of blood in the car. The DA was then able to connect Stone’s DNA to that left at the scene, Bruno said.

So far this year, cops have arrested Stone seven times on similar counts of petit and grand larceny and criminal mischief.

A judge set Stone’s bail at $25,000.

A message to Stone’s court-appointed attorney, Kleon Andreadis, was not returned.

The arrest comes as neighbors in DUMBO have organized themselves into a “Citizens Patrol” in response to a spate of car break-ins and burglaries.

Police from the 84th precinct have beefed up security in the area in response to the crimes, and members of the Citizens Patrol said they’ve noticed an improvement.

“Over the past two weeks, we have definitely seen a reduction in the number of break-ins and received only a few reports of glass piles or windowless vehicles,” said the organizer of waterstreetwindowsmash.blogspot.com, on the Web site.