Cops nab the pipe-wielding bandits

94th Precinct


Pipe nightmare

A gang of pipe-wielding thugs terrorized Roebling Street last week, beating up two men in failed robberies before cops collared the thugs, police said.

In the first incident, two perps threatened a man with a pipe and tried to steal his phone at around 4:20 pm on Aug. 6.

The victim said that he was near N. Ninth Street when the perps approached from behind. One grabbed his arm and demanded, “Give me your phone.”

The victim resisted, so the other perp hit him in the head with a metal pipe and ran away.

The next day — at almost the same location — three perps threatened a man with a metal pipe and tried to steal his phone.

This time, the victim was approached at around 6 pm by a trio brandishing a pipe.

“Yo, give me your f—ing phones!” one of the thugs yelled, but the victim got scared and ran away.

Police say they caught the perps later that day.

Registered it

Two perps robbed a Nassau Avenue store on Aug. 5 — the second armed robbery on the block this month.

The perps entered the store at 2:50 am, and one pointed a gun at the manager.

“Open the f — king register!” he screamed.

The manager handed over $500, and the perps ran away toward Manhattan Avenue.

Sixth sex

A pervert stole a woman’s phone on Roebling Street on Aug. 7 and then groped her before she screamed.

The victim was near N. Sixth Street at 4:30 am when the perp approached and choked her with his left arm. He reached for her phone, knocking the victim to the ground.

That’s when he groped her and started unbuttoning her pants — until the victim screamed and he ran away.

Chef spat

A cook in a Manhattan Avenue restaurant hit his coworker over the head with a big spoon on Aug. 3, and promptly quit his job.

The cooks got in an argument at 7 pm, when the perp grabbed the wooden spoon and hit him over the head. Then he grabbed his stuff, said he was quitting and left toward India Street.

Plastic handle

A perp struck a man in his head with a plastic handle on Aug. 4.

The perp and his victim were arguing near Green Street at 5:48 am when the dispute escalated. At some point, the perp grabbed a yellow plastic handle and struck the victim in the head.

He fled toward Manhattan Avenue, leaving the handle behind.

Bad neighbor

A violent perp threw several objects at his Herbert Street neighbor, striking him in the back of his neck on Aug. 5.

The perp, who lives across the street on Richardson Street, got in an argument with his neighbor at 12:40 pm, threatening to “put two in the back of his head.” Instead, he started throwing several objects over his fence, hitting his neighbor and his car.

Diamond cutter

A thug stabbed a man in the chest on Diamond Street on Aug. 7.
The perp got in an argument with the victim near Norman Avenue at 3:30 am. At some point, the battle got violent, with the perp unsheathing a knife and stabbing the victim twice.

He ran away, but the police caught up with a suspect and arrested him.

Sticky fingers

A touchy perp tried to break into a Russell Street apartment, but its tenant scared him away.

The victim said that the perp was masturbating on the fire escape at 1:55 pm — then suddenly knocked on the apartment’s rear window. The tenant opened the window and kept the perp from entering.

The hardened thief ran away toward Driggs Avenue before he was picked up by the police.

Camera shy

A thief stole a camera and laptop from a car on Bedford Avenue.

The driver parked near N. 11th Street on Aug. 2 at 3 pm, but when he returned at 5:15 pm the next day, he found a broken window and a missing computer.

Ford fairlane

A thief stole a Ford truck on Driggs Avenue.

The driver parked near Humboldt Street at 8 pm on Aug. 3, but when he returned at 6 am the next day, the behemoth was gone.

— Aaron Short