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Cops padlock ‘violent’ Dyker nightclub

A controversial Dyker Heights night club has been padlocked by police.

Officers from the 68th Precinct shut down F1, on 65th Street, between Eighth and Ninth avenues on Friday night in response to ongoing violence at the club as well as incidents of underage drinking, said Deputy Inspector Eric Rodriguez, the precinct’s commanding officer.

There were five assaults in and around F1 in May, recalled Rodriguez, some involving “people who were underage and were intoxicated at the time.”

The club was “out of control,” Rodriguez added, stressing that “the quality of life of the people in the area has been diminished since the club opened.”

The shuttering of the club followed several months of strict enforcement when cops hit the club with three summonses for disorderly premises and two for underage drinking, Rodriguez said. The cops also sat down with club owners on several occasions to discuss the problems, Rodriguez said, adding, “Most of the concerns went to deaf ears.”

One major problem, he added, has been the presence of promoters, who advertise widely.

“They were bringing large crowds into the area, so people were coming from all over the city and taking care of their beefs at the club,” Rodriguez explained.

Another issue, Rodriguez said, was 18-and-over parties, in which youths between the ages of 18 and 21 are allowed into the club, though they are not supposed to be allowed to drink alcoholic beverages.

The enforcement was spurred by residents’ complaints as well as by the repeated scuffles at the club. A court hearing on the padlocking was set for Wednesday, Rodriguez said.

“It’s possible that the club could be reopened then,” he added.

The management of F1 has not responded to repeated requests for comment.

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