Cops pull ‘Lucky Bag’ sting in Flatbush Avenue department store

78th Precinct

Park Slope

Unlucky bag

Cops left a bag of money in a Flatbush Avenue department store then arrested a woman for allegedly pocketing the cash in a sting on Dec. 8.

Detectives intentionally left a bag with $43 unattended inside the big-box retailer near Atlantic Avenue at 4:57 pm, then cuffed the suspect after she allegedly rifled through it and swiped the money.


A music snob confronted a man about the tunes he was listening to in Prospect Park on Dec. 9 and then bit him.

The victim told police he was near Parkside and Ocean avenues at 3 pm when the other man stalked up to complain about his music, and an argument ensued.

It’s unclear if the victim had speakers going, or was just listening to his headphones, but one thing led to another, and he ended up with bite marks on his left hand, cops said.

The Prospect Park biter remains on the loose. He’s described by police as 46 years old and 5-foot-9.

Slap shot

Police collared a 61-year-old man for allegedly hawking knock-off hockey hats outside an Atlantic Avenue stadium on Dec. 16.

Cops spotted the victim allegedly shouting “$10 for Rangers and Islanders hats,” outside arena near Pacific Street at 6 pm, before realizing he was an unauthorized vendor shilling bogus caps.

Fare beater

Cops arrested a woman after she allegedly skipped paying her taxi fare and then attacked police on Sixth Avenue on Dec. 10.

The cabbie flagged down a squad car near Bergen Street at 2:15 am, and complained that the 32-year-old suspect refused to pay him the $6.50 she owed for a ride, cops said.

As patrolmen investigated the victim’s complaint, the suspect lost her cool and began shouting at the officers and hurling insults, before shoving a cop, police said.

After placing the woman under arrest, the officers found she was in possession of a glass vile of coke, cops said.

Parking job

Someone busted up a man’s car after he left it parked unattended for two months on Third Street starting on Oct. 5.

The victim told police he returned to his Toyota carry-all on Dec. 2 at 7 pm, only to discover the television installed in the back passenger-side seat was cracked.

No windows were broken, and the owner can’t remember if he locked the thing, cops reported.

That stinks

Police cuffed a 50-year-old woman after they say she swiped more than $100 worth of soap from a Fourth Avenue grocery store on Dec. 5.

An employee allegedly spotted the suspect at 5:30 am trying to flee the store between President and Carroll streets without paying for the bundle of soap she’d nabbed, police said.

Heavy shoplifting

Police nabbed a 44-year-old who they say lifted more than a grand’s worth of clothing and other goods from a Flatbush Avenue department store on Dec. 10.

An employee told police he saw the suspect trying to smuggle out a small fortune worth of clothes, hats, belts, bags, and umbrellas the from store near Atlantic Avenue at 8 pm.

— Colin Mixson

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