Cops: Razor-toting thug slashes man

90th Precinct


Shorty wars

A violent thug slashed a 35-year-old man’s neck with a razor during an argument over a girl in a Roebling Street bodega on April 5, said cops.

The victim told police that the jerk, known in the neighborhood as “GMan,” approached him in the store at 8:05 pm and said, “Oh, you’re the man that started on my shorty.”

GMan allegedly swung at the victim with a razor in his fist and slashed his left cheek, jawbone, and wrist.

He then ran down S. Second Street and paramedics took the victim to Bellevue Hospital, cops said.

Three stooges

Three thieves jumped three women and stole their cash on Havemeyer Street on March 28.

One victim, 37, told police she was with her sister and daughter near S. First Street at 6:30 pm when the thugs approached and accused them of having a pocketbook that belonged to one of their sisters.

“F— that, let’s get this over with,” threatened the group’s ringleader, while the other answered, “F— her up,” and grabbed the purse, which contained $780.

They then fled, leaving their victims shaken.

Grand scare

A burglar attacked a woman inside her Grand Street apartment on April 4.

The victim told police she was alseep inside her apartment between Maujer Street and Graham Avenue at 12:15 pm when she was woken by the intruder entering her bedroom through her window. He approached her and she fled her apartment.

But the thief, wielding a screwdriver, followed her down the hallway to the first floor of the building. He caught her, struck her in the face, and said, “Go back to your apartment!”

He shoved her some more and then ran out the front door, while the victim went back to her apartment.

But a few minutes later, the burglar returned and climbed onto the roof, police who looked at the building’s surveillance video said. Thirty minutes later, he climbed down the roof and rang the woman’s doorbell. When she didn’t answer, he climbed back up onto the roof, down the fire escape, and back into the woman’s apartment for the second time!


A thug struck a man with an unknown object on Roebling Street on April 1.

The victim told police he was near S. Fourth Street at 7:47 am when the jerk walked up behind him, hit him in the head, got in a car, and drove away.

Opening day

A violent baseball fan swung a bat at a man on Hooper Street on April 1.

The victim told police he was near S. Fifth Street at 8:07 am when the thug approached him and swung the bat at his head — missing.

So, the assailant got out of the batter’s box and drove away in his car.

Pallet bored

A thug allegedly punched a man in the face and threw a pallet board at him on Meserole Street on April 4.

The victim told police he was near near Leonard Street at 1:03 am when the ruffian and an accomplice approached him and started to punch him.

The fiend then grabbed a wooden board, threw it at the victim’s head, then kicked him while he was on the ground, according to police.

Cops arrested one suspect and are looking for a second man.

iPad stick-up

A gun-toting robber stole a man’s iPad on S. Second Street on April 6.

The victim told police he was between Havemeyer Street and Marcy Avenue at 12:55 am when the thief approached him with a silver gun and said, “Give me all your stuff.”

The victim handed over his backpack before the villain struck him in the head with his gun and fled.

iPhone mugging

A thief threatened a woman and took her iPhone inside her S. Third Street apartment building on April 6.

The victim told police the thug followed her into her building between Berry Street and Bedford Avenue at 7:15 am, displayed a silver gun, and said, “Get in the elevator, don’t cry, don’t scream!”

The robber took the phone from her pocket, got off the elevator, and fled the building.

Lumbering idiots

A wood-loving thief stole more than $40,000 worth of hardwood from a Metropolitan Avenue lumberyard on April 3.

The manager told police he locked up his yard near Scott Avenue at 5 am, but when he returned at 9 that night, he saw that hundreds of two-by-four planks were missing.

Coffee tabled

A thief stole an antique headboard and coffee table from a S. Second Street apartment sometime between March 31 and April 2.

The tenant told police he left his apartment between Keap and Hooper streets at 10 am on March 31, but when he returned at 6 pm on April 2, his furniture was missing.

TV taken

A thief stole a flat screen TV, phone, and guitar from a Berry Street apartment on April 6.

The tenant told cops he left his apartment between S. Fourth and Fifth streets on April 6 at 7 am, but when he returned at 12:30 am the next day, his stuff was gone.

Phone swipe

A thief on a bicycle stole a woman’s phone on Bushwick Avenue on April 2.

The victim told police she was near Grand Street at 4 pm when the cyclist rode up behind her, grabbed her phone, and rode away.

— Aaron Short