Cops release new sketch of Fort Greene rapist

Cops release new sketch of Fort Greene rapist
Source: NYPD

The violent thug who tried to rape two women near the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Jan. 19 has been trolling for victims since early December, police disclosed this week.

Investigators connected the would-be predator to a fourth assault — and have updated the sketch of the suspect — now that they believe he’s responsible for a Dec. 8 attempted rape which also took place near Brooklyn’s epicenter of art and culture.

In the attack, first reported by the Local, a blog, the fiend jumped a 35-year-old woman from behind near the corner of Fulton Street and Rockwell Place at 10:30 pm. He knocked the woman to the ground and jumped on top of her, but ran off when a witness overheard his victim’s screams.

Deputy Inspector Anthony Tasso, the commanding officer of the 88th Precinct, said that the victim didn’t report the incident until last month, after reading about the three other similar attempted rapes that date back to Jan. 9.

Police say the thug grabbed his first victim, a 28-year-old woman, as she made her way home at 2 am near the corner of New Utrecht Avenue and 63rd Street in Bensonhurst. He threw her against a fence, slapped her and exposed himself as he tried to pull her underwear down, but the woman successfully fought him off.

He resurfaced on Jan. 19, when he grabbed a 25-year-old woman near St. Felix Street and Hanson Place at 1:30 am. This time, he grabbed his victim from behind and tried to rip off her clothes but, again, scampered away after his victim screamed.

Cops soon connected the suspect to a Jan. 26 attack near Fulton and Cumberland streets. During that attack, the thug grabbed a 24-year-old woman, threw her against a fence and attempted to remove her underwear.

“Don’t fight it,” the man said as he wrestled with his victim — a fight he quickly abandoned after a witness saw what was happening and ran off to get help.

Anyone with information regarding this man’s whereabouts is urged to call CrimeStoppers at (800) 577-8477 or visit the CrimeStoppers website.