Cops: Screwdriver-toting suspect demands shoes at bodega

84th Precinct

Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Screw loose

Cops busted a 30-year-old man who they say demanded shoes and 50-cents with the threat of a screwdriver at a Willoughby Street bodega on Sept. 22.

The hapless victim told police he was working the register at the sandwich shop between Lawrence and Bridge streets shortly after midnight when the suspect broached his odd request for footwear and change. The suspect brandished a screwdriver and lunged at the victim, according to police.

Fortunately another employee was able to lure the man outside, after which police arrived and placed the suspect under arrest, cops said.

Jail-yard black and blues

A woman was busted for allegedly beating, biting, and scratching a pregnant woman inside a Schermerhorn Street prison facility on Sept. 23.

The victim told police that she was inside the jail between Boerum Place and Smith Street at 4 am when the other woman launched her assault. In mangling the pregnant victim, the fem-attacker beat her over the head, bit her finger, and even scratched open the woman’s stomach, cops said.

Rav rover

A car thief drove off with a man’s 2015 Rav-4 he parked on Wyckoff Street on Sept. 22.

The victim told police that he left his Toyota between Nevins Street and Third Avenue at 11:30 pm, and returned about 11 hours later to find an empty spot where his $29,000 ride had been.

Tool time

A handy thief nabbed a $3,000 electric welder its owner left at a Dekalb Avenue construction site sometime between Sept. 18 and 21.

The victim told police that he tethered his equipment to a metal rail at the construction site near Fleet Street at 2:45 pm that Friday, and returned three days later find a broken chain in place of his Dialark 250 Electric Welder.

Cold case

An inmate allegedly assaulted a police officer from inside his cage at a Schermherorn Street prison facility on Sept. 25.

The officer reported he was outside the holding cells at the jail between Boerum Place and Smith Street at 4:50 am when the suspect hurled a leaking cold pack in his direction.

The pack smashed into the officer’s face and splashed his eyes with chemicals, burning them and sending the officer to a nearby hospital, cops said.

Busted biker

Cops busted a 17-year-old who they say stole a Citi Bike from its Cranberry Street dock on Sept. 19.

The victim told police that the suspect could have taken the bike, which is valued at a whopping $1,200, from its spot by Columbia Heights at anytime that day.

Bumbling burglar

A 57-year-old man was arrested for allegedly breaking into the atrium of a Clark Street apartment building on Sept. 26, which is right where the arresting officer found him.

The officer reported that he arrived at the residential address between Hicks and Henry streets at 4:49 am and discovered that glass on the outer door of the building’s main entrance had been shattered.

But the cop didn’t have to go far in searching for his suspect, and said he found him stuck at the interior door of the building’s entrance in possession of what he described as “burglar tools,” cops said.

A little too clean

Cops are on the hunt for a cleaning lady who they claim nabbed a pricey engagement ring from a Livingston Street apartment on Sept. 25.

The victim told police that she let the cleaning lady into her apartment between Hoyt and Bond streets at 5 pm that day, at which time her engagement ring was resting on a table in her bathroom.

By the time the cleaning lady left at around 7 pm, however, the $6,500 token of affection was nowhere to be found, cops said.

— Colin Mixson

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