Road rage leads to fatal shooting in Park Slope

The scene on Sixth Avenue and First Street, where a gunman fired off four bullets into a white Chevy sedan, injuring one person.
Photo by Aidan Graham

A gunman fatally shot a victim in broad daylight during a fit of road rage in Park Slope on Friday afternoon, before fleeing the scene and sending police on a vast manhunt through the area.

Officers responded to the scene near Sixth Avenue and Garfield Place at around 4:45 pm, where they found the bloodied 31-year-old victim with a gunshot wound to the head in the driver’s seat of a white Chevy sedan — which was littered with multiple bullet holes across the windshield. 

First responders rushed the wounded man to nearby Methodist hospital, where he later died, according to authorities.

Police believe that the shooter and the victim began arguing over a traffic-related incident, when the suspect got out of his car and fired off four rounds into the victim’s windshield — before hopping back into his a white vehicle and driving off. 

shooting in Park Slope
The victim’s car was covered in bullet holes when police arrived.Photo by Aidan Graham

More than seven police cars from the 78th precinct remained on the scene for over an hour after the incident, as a search helicopter patrolled the skies above. 

One witness, referencing the nearby PS 321 elementary school, which was littered with school children, expressed shock at the unusual nature of gun violence in Park Slope.

“I heard the shots, and it sounded like it was firecrackers or something,” said Allen Feldman. “You just don’t want to let yourself think that that could be what it is.”

According to the non-profit gun violence organization The Trace, there has not been a single fatal shooting in the neighborhood since they began recording in 2014.  

This story has been updated to reflect the timeline of the shooting. It resulted from a fight over a traffic-related incident, according to authorities.