Cops: Senior beat wife to death

Arrested for murder

A 72-year-old man was arrested on April 3 for beating his wife to death inside the couple’s E. 14th Street home.

Police said Noor Hussain was charged with murder after admitting that he played a role in the death of his 6z2-year-old wife, Nazar, on April 2.

Witnesses said Hussain attacked his wife during a 3:15 am argument in their home, which is between Avenues J and K.

After brutalizing Nazar, Hussain called for an ambulance, but his wife died before she could be taken to a hospital.

Nazar Hussain was seen coughing up blood as paramedics arrived at the scene, police sources said.

Neighbors said Hussain “has a temper.”

iPhone swipe

A sticky-fingered thief made off with an iPhone left on the security desk inside PS 238 on E. Eighth Street on March 29.

The owner of the iPhone said she left the Smartphone at the desk at 4:15 pm. When she returned at 6:30 pm, it was gone.

March surprise

A burglar snuck into a Dahill Road home on March 29 — only to be caught looting the place by a 19-year-old who just came home.

The teen entered the address, which is between Avenues O and P, at 1:15 pm to find the thug fleeing the scene with her laptop computer.

Cops later determined that the thief entered the home through a rear window, breaking a security gate in the process.

Attacked on Quentin

A heavy-handed thug attacked a 14-year-old boy on April 1 during a mugging on Quentin Road.

The victim was nearing Nostrand Avenue at 2:55 pm when a 6-foot thug wearing a blue jacket jumped him, punching him in the face before taking $40 and a gift card.

Abused by brother

Cops are investigating claims that a 9-year-old Avenue T boy is being viciously beaten by his brother — and his mother does nothing to stop it.

Police sources said the abuse investigation was sent to the 61st Precinct this week after being filed with Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes’s office in January.

The attacks took place inside the home, which is near E. 16th Street, the tipster reported.

Maxx-ing out

A worker for TJ Maxx on E. 15th Street was arrested on April 2 after store managers learned she was cleverly re-routing cash to her own pocket.

Employees of the store, which is between Avenue P and Kings Highway, said the 29-year-old employee kept unwanted customer receipts — then used them to make fake returns.

She put the return money into gift cards, which she used to make over $300 in purchases, employees said.

Unwanted guest

A would-be thief was arrested on April 3 after he was found lurking around an Avenue R property.

The owner of the home, which is between E. 21st and E. 22nd streets, called 911 when he saw the thief walk through his gate at 12:05 am.

Bandanas and bullets

Two thugs — their faces covered with red bandanas — pulled a gun on a 16-year-old on Avenue S on March 26.

One of the thieves aimed the gun at the victim during the 4:30 pm confrontation, which happened near McDonald Avenue, while his accomplice removed the iPod Nano from his pocket.

Fire escape creeper

A thief used a fire escape to break into an E. Seventh Street home on March 24 — and took a wallet containing $1,000.

The tenant told police that she left her home, which is between Kings Highway and Quentin Road, at 5 pm to spend the night with friends. When she returned at 10 am the next day, she learned that a thief pushed in a gate blocking her open kitchen window and made off with her property.

W. Sixth rampage

A crew of thugs sporting masks and war paint jumped a 26-year-old on March 31, taking his wallet and chain.

The victim was on his way home from a Gravesend bar at 2:25 am when the suspects surrounded him, demanding his property.

The victim told police the goons shoved him to the ground, took his wallet and jewelry, and fled in an old Honda Civic.

Wild time

A thug wooed, then wounded, a woman walking her dog on Avenue Z on April 2.

The victim and her pet were approaching Haring Street at 1 am when the unidentified goon repeatedly tried to get her attention.

“We could have a wild time together,” the stranger said as he pressed the issue.

When the woman refused his advances, the thug punched her in the face and ran off — leaving her with a minor cut.

Bungled robbery

Three bone-headed thieves tried to rob a 44-year-old bicyclist on March 31 — but ended up behind bars moments after the 85th Street clash.

The victim was pedaling toward 24th Avenue at 6:44 pm when the thieves knocked him off his bike.

They were trying to rob the man of his cash when cops rolled up and arrested them.

Comb clash

A 17-year-old was arrested on March 28 for cutting up another teen’s face during a dispute over a comb.

Police said the teen and his victim, who is also 17, were arguing over the comb, which the suspect allegedly stole, outside a deli near the corner of 79th Street and 16th Avenue back on Jan. 14.

When the two started fighting, the suspect smashed his victim in the face with a glass bottle, leaving his enemy with deep facial lacerations that needed more than 100 stitches to close.

Home ransacked

Thieves broke into an Irwin Street home in Manhattan Beach on April 1, taking $250.

The owner of the home, which is between Shore and Oriental boulevards, said someone smashed the kitchen window with a brick, then ransacked the place.

Shoplifter slice

A shoplifter made off with several electric items from an 86th Street Rite Aid on March 29 after he pulled a knife on a store security guard.

The thief flashed the knife at 1:07 pm as he made his way through the doors of the store, which is between Bay 10th and Bay 11th streets.

Purse grab

A thug made off with a woman’s purse on March 27 after kicking the hapless 23-year-old to the ground on 68th Street.

The victim was walking between 19th and 20th avenues at 9 pm when the suspect ran by, snagging her purse.

The woman refused to let go of her bag until the thief began kicking her in the legs, causing her to lose her balance.

Door devil

A thief busted his way into a 64th Street home on March 31, taking an assortment of electronics.

The owner of the home, which is between 24th Avenue and Dahill Road, said the thief forced open the front door, damaging it in the process, at around 8:30 am.

Cycle swipe

A thief broke into a garage on 21st Avenue on March 28, taking a 2007 Yamaha motorcycle.

The owner of the home, which is between Bath and Cropsey avenues, said someone pried open the door to the garage sometime after 6:30 pm — taking both his motorcycle and helmet.

Busted for DWI

A Brooklyn garbage man was arrested on drunk driving charges in Coney Island on April 3.

Police did not disclose where the city Department of Sanitation member was arrested, except to say that the arrest took place at 1:47 am.

Cyber harassment

A crew of cyber creeps swiped a 14-year-old Coney Island girl’s cellphone on March 29 — using it to alter her Facebook profile.

The teen told police that the thieves added “She likes girls” to her profile after grabbing the phone on Emmons Avenue sometime between 8 am and 1 pm.

Bounced away

A thief palmed a basketball player’s gym bag on March 27 as his victim played hoops on Avenue Z.

The victim told police that he had just finished his game near Nostrand Avenue at 4:30 pm when he realized that his bag, which contained his bank cards, house keys and two shirts, was missing.

Mercedes menace

A crook rifled through a Mercedes Benz parked on Avenue Y on March 31, finding an envelope containing $2,500.

The luxury car was sitting parked between E. 13th and E. 14th streets when the thief forced open the doors sometime after 12:30 am.

Killed in crack-up

An 82-year-old woman was killed on April 1 during a harrowing motor vehicle accident on Flatbush Avenue.

Witnesses told police that a 1990 Ford was traveling south-bound on Flatbush Avenue when it struck a 1993 Jeep driven by an 84-year-old man making a left turn onto Avenue U.

Police said 82-year-old Queens resident Patricia Howard, who was a passenger in the Jeep, was rushed to Lutheran Medical Center where she died of her injuries. Another passenger inside the Jeep and the driver of the Ford were taken to the hospital with minor injuries.

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