Cops: Speeding driver found with two bags of pot

Goon robs woman on city bus

60th Precinct

Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Smoke and swerve

A 24-year-old man was arrested for allegedly speeding and swerving his way down Brighton Beach Avenue on April 26 — and having two Ziploc bags of marijuana in his car.

The arresting officer said he was near Coney Island Avenue at 4:30 pm when he saw the driver speeding in his 2012 Nissan Sentra, while frequently switching lanes without signaling. When the officer flashed his lights, the driver pulled over and the cop found two bags of weed in the car.

Batteries included

A 37-year-old man was arrested for allegedly swiping goods from a Cropsey Avenue hardware store on April 25.

A witness told police that he was at the store between Bay 53rd and Bay 54th streets at 1:30 pm, when he saw the man try to smuggle four padlocks, two pruners, and a package of batteries out of the store in his shopping cart.

Five-finger fillet

A 16-year-old was arrested for allegedly slashing a man on W. Eighth Street on April 28.

The victim told police that he was in an argument with the suspect between Surf and Neptune avenues at 12:20 pm when the teen brandished a knife and slashed the victim’s hand.

West Avenue debacle

Cops arrested a 62-year-old man for allegedly driving drunk and without a license on West Avenue on April 28.

The arresting officer said he was called to W. Fifth Street at 8:32 pm, where he found the driver sitting in his car — which showed signs of collision with a nearby vehicle — and showing signs of intoxication. When the officer gave the man a Breathalyzer test, the man blew at .337. After running the driver’s name through police records, the officer found that the driver’s license had been revoked because of failure to answer a previous traffic summons.

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