Cops: Suspect breaks man’s jaw, ribs for bumping into him

94th Precinct


Stand clear

Cops cuffed a man who they say broke a guy’s jaw and ribs after he bumped him on the L train at the Metropolitan Avenue station on July 14.

The victim said he was getting off the train at the station near Lorimer Street at 6:50 am when the suspect bumped into him. The victim bumped the accused back, which turned out to be a colossal mistake, according to a report.

The suspect clocked the victim in the face, breaking his jaw and knocking out one tooth, police reported. He allegedly proceeded to jab the victim in the torso several times, breaking his ribs.

The victim was taken to Woodhull Medical Center for his injuries.

Bar stab

A gang of toughs attacked a guy in front of a Norman Avenue bar on July 17, then followed him down the street and gathered more people for another beating, police stated.

The 24-year-old victim said he was in front of the watering hole near Manhattan Avenue at 1:30 am when two lowlifes jumped him. He said he then walked to Berry Street between N. 13th and N. 14th streets and eight to 10 other galoots piled on.

The victim suffered deep cuts, but police believe they were self-inflicted. The fellow, who officers believe was drunk at the time, was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center in Manhattan.

Hot pockets

Thieves tried to steal machinery from a Dupont Street office on July 14, and left behind plenty of evidence that they were there, according to the authorities.

An employee of the warehouse between Manhattan Avenue and Franklin Street said he arrived at 10 am and found power tools and a toolbox that did belong to his company plugged into an extension cord on the floor. He then heard voices coming from within the facility and called police, a report states.

Officers arrived with a canine unit to try to find the bandits, but could not, they said. The search team did find a soda bottle, a water bottle, and gloves near power tools that were still warm, cops recounted.

Laptop nabbed

A prowler broke into a woman’s Richardson Street apartment on July 19 and stole her laptop, law enforcement officials said.

The victim stated that she came home from work to her apartment between Kingsland Avenue and Humboldt Street at 9 pm and found that her air-conditioning unit had been pushed into the window and her MacBook Pro laptop and power cord were gone.

Lens reflex

A stealthy crook swiped a man’s camera equipment right out from under his nose in his West Street studio on July 14, according to a police report.

The victim said he was working in the back of his studio between at Noble and Milton streets at 4 pm, and walked to the back end of the space for about 10 minutes.

When he came out he found his Nikon DSLR camera and camera lens were nowhere to be found.

— Danielle Furfaro

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