Cops: This is the guy who robbed the Bay Ridge bank

Cops: This is the guy who robbed the Bay Ridge bank

The FBI has has identified the principal suspect in the armed robbery of the Ridgewood Savings Bank on Third Avenue on Dec. 23.

G-men are seeking Marat Mikhaylich, a 6-foot-4, 200-pound giant who is accused of making off with $4,300 in the robbery, plus two banks in Queens on Dec. 9 and Dec. 30.

“Mikhaylich’s alleged behavior was reckless and incredibly dangerous,” Special Agent Richard Kolko said in a statement. “Anytime anyone enters a bank with their finger on the trigger, the worst can happen.”

Police would not say if Mikhaylich, 35, has a criminal record and are not yet disclosing how they linked him to all three robberies because it would jeopardize the investigation, according to an NYPD spokesman.

In the Bay Ridge crime, cops say that Mikhaylich entered the bank, which is between 85th and 86th streets, at about 10 am. The imposing robber gave a teller a note that read, “This is a robbery. I have a gun. Give me all the money.” The teller did as he was told, but the thief wasn’t satisfied, pulling out his gun, waving it at the other tellers and forcing one to give him more money.

The perp stuffed the wad of cash in a black fanny pack and fled.

Bank officials declined to comment on the robbery.