Cops: Train crook pinches sleeping man’s wallet

68th Precinct

Bay Ridge—Dyker Heights

Enter sandman

A sneaky thief robbed a sleeping man on the R train on Dec. 8, police say.

The victim said he boarded a Bay Ridge-bound train at 59th Street and Fourth Avenue at 11 pm, and promptly fell asleep. When he awoke from his slumber at the Bay Ridge Avenue stop at 2 am, his backpack and wallet were gone.

Pretty as a picture

A rapscallion shattered the window of a vehicle parked at a Third Avenue pharmacy and stole thousands of dollars in accessories and photography equipment from inside, according to cops.

The victim told police she left her car at the back of the business between 94th and 95th streets at 3:20 pm, and came back 15 minutes later to see that some lowlife had smashed the glass of the rear passenger-side door and taken her Coach purse, make-up bag, and Canon camera.

Drawn and quartered

A desperate perp stole a wallet and $10 in quarters from a vehicle parked at an 80th Street house on Nov. 29, police report.

The victim said he left his car unlocked in his driveway between Narrows Avenue and Colonial Road at 5 pm, and went back to it at 9 am the next day to find his billfold and change missing.

Screwy decimal

A ne’er-do-well ripped a necklace from a lady’s neck at the library on Ridge Boulevard on Dec. 7, cops claim.

The victim reported that she was sitting down and reading at the book emporium between 72nd and 73rd streets at 2:55 pm when someone came up behind her and tore the jewelry from around her throat.


A villain busted the basement window of a 65th Street home and stole the water meter sometime overnight on Dec. 2, cops say.

The victim said that he left his home between 10th and 11th avenues at 6 pm, and returned at 5 am the next day to see the cellar’s glass broken and his monitor gone.


A burglar made out like a bandit and stole more than $4,000 in cash and jewelry from a 76th Street apartment on Dec. 5, according to police.

The victims said they left their pad between 13th and 14th avenues at 7:15 am and came back at 2 pm to see that an intruder had forced their door open and stolen $4,250 in cash, a gold bracelet, gold necklace, diamond bracelet, and jade pendant from within.

— Will Bredderman

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